Review: Ryanair 737-8AS Economy Hamburg, Germany – Manchester, England



The baggage restrictions within Ryanair are what can be expected from most European budget airlines with a maximum size of; 55cm x 40cm x 20cm for a cabin bag. This for us was no issue as we had packed light and managed to fit our belongings into a 20l backpack.

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Booking & Check – In

As expected while going through the booking process there can be many hoops to jump through, insurance? no thank you, priority boarding? no thank you and so you get the picture.

We checked in online through the website and had more hoops to jump through which was starting to get ridiculous. Generally, budget airlines have all these added things to make the money but I found this frustrating.

While we have been lucky in the past and always ended up sat together without paying, this time was different. We had to pay a minimum of £2 each to sit together, while this may not be much it is frustrating. We didn’t pay and ended up sat 3 rows apart, while on the aircraft I noticed that we weren’t the only pairing sat apart. Many families including those with young children were sat away from their parents or family members.

While we didn’t have children and don’t mind sitting apart for short flights it has become an increasing worry that children and family members are being sat away from each other. For me, there seems no logic on splitting up bookings whether children are involved or not. Many now believe this is a further push to create extra funds for the company and so people are shopping elsewhere for their flights.

The Flight

The flight was on-time, in fact, we managed to land into Manchester early. The drinks service was basic, but on a short haul flight, I’m never overly fussed by this.

While there was no food service on the flight they do offer up a trolley of snacks but as the prices can be £1 for a chocolate bar and £2 for a bottle of coke we generally take our own on board.

The entire flight is an economy flight, the interior is as can be expected. Clean, relatively comfortable, but very, very basic. The leg room was tight and that is coming from someone who is quite short, I wouldn’t have wanted to be any taller or bigger as I would find it an uncomfortable flight.

Unfortunatly, despite all of this we would still fly Ryanair again. However, I’ll continue to refuse to pay for sitting together or any of the additional features they try and charge us for.

As always I would love to know what you think, have you flown Ryanair and experienced the same problem or have you always paid for your seats together. Let me know in the comments below what you think of Ryanair.

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