Our First Flight On The New Boeing 737-8 Max

I'm no aviation geek however before I even knew that I was on board the new Boeing 737-8 max I knew I was going on something special. It turns out this was the plane being spoken about at my travel blogging conference just a week prior. Having been one of the lucky ones to take a flight on the new boeing 737-8 max I figured I'd write about what it was like and share the experience with those who love flying probably a little bit more than I do...

I’m no plane geek. In fact I’m somewhat of the opposite – I mean, up until recently I was actually scared of flying. However, upon boarding the Norwegian Air flight from Cork, Ireland to Providence, USA I knew there was something different.

From the outside we joked. This would be by far the smallest plane we’d crossed the Atlantic on. “Where was the rest of it we asked?” this was our first Norwegian Air flight, and it wasn’t exactly set to be a popular route. After all, we’d managed to get ourselves a one-way ticket for just £95 including taxes.

Standing on the airbridge I took a glance at the plane. I looked around the door, and that’s when it hit me. This plane was super clean. Now, I’m not saying other planes aren’t. I’m just saying there’s a certain amount of wear and tear that just can’t be covered up.

Still, at this point I had no idea that I was actually boarding the new Boeing 737-8 Max . A plane I’d just heard about in a speech at the travel blogging conference TBEX Ireland. In fact, it was only when I sat down in my seat and glanced at the safety card that I realised.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away. After all, I’m going to be doing a complete review of the Norwegian Air experience. However, I simply had to share some photos of inside this plane that so few have managed to see so far.

The Boeing 737-8 Max is designed for noise reduction and fuel efficiency. An I have to agree, while it’s not silent it’s certainly not the bellowing you’ll find on a Ryanair or even that from a more traditional transatlantic flight.

One thing that really struck me was the height. The centre of the plane is raised with ambience lighting. Not only does this make standing more comfortable for those of a certain height it also seems to reduce the feeling of claustrophobia.

Of course, I can’t not conclude this post without discussing the adaption of the over head compartments. Being a budget airline many customers were bringing on hand luggage the size of (well… I don’t know but it was big okay?) due to the increasing costs of putting luggage in the hold. While the Norwegian Air 737-8 Max flight was far from full, the luggage was stowed in the overhead compartments comfortably, with noticeably more room than you’ll ever find on the older Boeing planes.


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