Review: easyJet A319-111 Economy Manchester To Amsterdam

We recently visited Amsterdam for the first time to attend the Youtube conference VidCon.

Another first on our trip to Amsterdam was our flight with EasyJet. Despite previously staying in the EasyHotels (under the same parent company) in London. We’d actually never flown this budget (and bright orange) airline.

Departure Airport: Manchester – Terminal 1
Arrival Airport: Amsterdam
Flight Number: EZY1833
7th April 2017
Schedule Depart:
14:45   |   Actual Depart: 15:12
Schedule Arrive:
17:10    |   Actual Arrive: 17:06
Journey Time: 0.54
Airbus A319-111
Seat: – Economy Class
£85.48 (RT)


The baggage restrictions within EasyJet are what can be expected from most European budget airlines with a maximum size of; 56 x 45 x 25cm. Learn more about the best hand luggage and how to pack into hand luggage.


Like many European budget airlines, while the process of booking is simple. You do have a few hoops to jump through. No, I don’t want insurance. No, I don’t want priority boarding. No, I don’t…. Yes, you get the idea.


As for check-in, on both occasions I did it on the mobile application using my iPhone.

We had zero problems using the boarding cards for two people on one phone at the airport or while boarding. EasyJet work on a seat allocation programme and we managed to get seats together.

Cabin & Seat

The entire flight is an economy flight, the interior is as can be expected. Clean, relatively comfortable, but very, very basic.

Food & Drink

Unfortunatly, on the food and drink front we can’t comment. No in-flight meals have been served on the flight and we decided against purchasing anything from the trolly. As for the pricing, it’s what can be expected when compared to other European budget airlines. (£1 for a chocolate bar, £2 for a bottle of coke etc.)


So, would I fly with EasyJet again? Sure!

I’ve absolutely nothing to complain about here. Everything was above average from what I’d expect from a budget airline. However, I wouldn’t choose them specifically over any other budget airline – I’d still just book the cheapest.

As always, I’d love to know what you think of budget airline EasyJet? Have you flown with them before? Let me know in the comments below.

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