Review: Wizz Air A320-232 Economy Doncaster / Sheffield, England – Sofia, Bulgaria

When we started our digital nomad journey, it was all about math. With such a small daily budget, we needed to fly from an airport with great public transport links, with an super cheap airline, to a VERY affordable destination.

It took hours days of research, but ultimately we ended up flying from Doncaster to Sofia, Bulgaria with an airline I’d previously never heard of; Wizz Air.

Departure Airport: Doncaster / Sheffield, England
Arrival Airport: Sofia, Bulgaria
Flight Number: W64316
5th June 2017
Schedule Depart:
20:40   |   Actual Depart: 20:52
Schedule Arrive:
01:55    |   Actual Arrive: 01:29
Journey Time: 2.37
Airbus A319-111
Seat: 7E & 7F – Economy Class
£8.99 (Discount Club Price)


The first thing we noticed about budget airline Wizz Air was the strange baggage restrictions.

Unlike similar budget airlines a small ‘wheely’ suitcase wasn’t free and instead came at an additional cost. In fact the only complimentary baggage we were allowed as part of our ticket was a small bag up to the size of a 20l backpack.

Let the challenge commence…


Like many European budget airlines, the booking process is simply but they do try and catch you out with some added (and often unwanted extras)

However, during this booking we also decided to purchase the Discount Club membership at £29.99 – a pretty bold move given we’d actually never flown with the airline before. However, we did the research and the math and figured it would work in our favour.


I checked the two of us in for our flight using the Wizz Air application for iOS. The process couldn’t have been easier. Being a Wizz Air discount club member the mobile application saved our details making the process even more straight forward.

We had zero problems using the boarding cards for two people on one phone at the airport or while boarding. An despite not booking seats together, and checking in rather late we managed to get seated next to one and other.

Cabin + Seat

The entire flight is an economy flight, the interior is as can be expected. Clean, relatively comfortable, but very, very basic.

One unusual feature I found was the height and structure of the tray. It was different to anything I’d previously experienced. It didn’t line up with my body what so ever, meaning I had to reach to type on my laptop. This isn’t necessary a bad thing, just a weird observation.

Food & Drink

Unfortunatly we can’t comment on the food and drink much. No in-flight meals have been served on the flight and due to budget constraints and the time in which this flight departed we didn’t purchase anything from the trolly.


Wizz Air are a great little airline for ‘wizzing’ across Europe. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a European budget airline and the prices are unquestionably amazing.

Given the fact I’ve signed up to the discount club, I’ll be looking to fly with them wherever possible in the near future to get the best ‘bang for my buck’ when it comes to my membership.


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