Dinner At The Largest Hard Rock Cafe In Europe | Hard Rock Cafe Prague

When my brother came to town, he came with mum and dad’s bank card (mum, dad I love you. You’re the best!) and it meant we could treat ourselves to something us ‘young kids’ (can I still call ourselves that?) love. A trip to the local Hard Rock Cafe.

Helen and I have visited Hard Rock Cafe’s around the world. However, due to the nature of our budget during our European travels we’d been unable to visit one so far… It seemed however, that we saved ourselves for the best. By visiting the largest Hard Rock Cafe in Europe. Hard Rock Cafe, Prague. 

The Hard Rock Cafe in Prague is the largest in Europe set over four floors and decorated through-out. We opted for a rather early dinner (5.30pm) and so managed to walk straight in and be shown straight to a table on the second floor.

We we’re asked where we wanted to sit, and opted for a booth next to a guitar from a band I’d unfortunatly never heard of. Before the front of house staff member left us he asked us about some of our favourite artists in the hope of pointing us in the right direction to some of their memorabilia. This was a first in any Hard Rock I’d been to and made for a fantastic, and personal touch.

We’ve eaten at Hard Rock Cafe’s around the world. Therefore I thought I knew what I wanted. That was until my brother reminded me of the delightful food he ordered in Orlando that left me mouthwateringly jealous. 

So… I ordered something different from my usual alongside a standard refillable diet coke. Refillable soft drinks are a staple at any Hard Rock and are often the reason behind me not trying one of their signature cocktails instead.

It wasn’t long until the food arrived. Niall and I had gone for the Chicken flatbread with slices of avocado (yum!) and decided to share some specially seasoned fries (garlic and herb)

Helen on the other hand went for her traditional Hard Rock meal. The bacon cheeseburger. This meal comes with a side of fries and is AMAZING!

Even someone with a glutton appetite will struggle to make it onto desert after this…

The entire meal for the three of us came to a reasonable 1280 CZK (equivalent to £44 at the time of dining). On top of this we left a generous tip as the waiter was particularly prompt in service and a pleasure to speak to.

After dinner, we did what we do when visiting the vast majority of Hard Rock cafe’s around the world. We began browsing the staggering amount of musical memorabilia. Here’s some of my highlights;

So, if you’re in Prague and you’re after a very filling meal at a rather reasonable price. Then I suggest you look no further than Europe’s largest Hard Rock Cafe. 

As always, if you’ve dined here I’d love to know about your experience? Was it good? bad? indifferent? What’s you’re favourite meal to order from your Hard Rock Cafe of choice?


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