7 Awesome Places To Lunch In Leeds, England

I’m proud to be a Leeds Blogger. I’ve lived just ten minutes from Leeds city centre all my life. An exploring the culinary delights for the city for as long as I can remember. A fantastic hub of history, entertainment and activity.

My experience probably makes this post wayyyy overdue but still… Here is my seven awesome places to lunch in Leeds.


We recently took a class at Barburrito in Leeds, learning how to make a burrito (it’s harder than you might think) and it was AMAZING!


The manager and staff were really helpful and nice, they made sure you were getting the best deal and the most for your money without it coming off as up-selling. The food is high quality and tastes great, there is no end to combinations of the meat to the sauces and everything in between. They have a student discount and have meal deals available making it the perfect place to lunch on a budget.

Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian isn’t exclusive to Leeds. However, there’s one here and it’s great!

Located is within the banking quarter it’s well within walking distance from the main high street and shops. It’s a great place to visit for a high-end meal that doesn’t cost the earth. They have an exclusive lunch menu, which really makes eating here at lunch time much more affordable than on an evening.


There’s two Prezzo’s in Leeds. One outside of the city centre at the White Rose Shopping Centre and another in The Light by the Headrow.

Thanks to their fantastic locations across the UK we’ve eaten at Prezzo a number of times and always enjoyed it. We really enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the restaurant and the service is always on point. The food is always magnificent and beautifully made. What makes this even better is that you’ll often found pretty awesome discounts on the mobile application Vouchercloud.

Yo Sushi

We love Yo Sushi so whenever we can we will go and eat here, this is one of our favourite places to lunch when in Leeds. Located on the top floor of Trinity Leeds, here you’ll find fast food but good food – making it the perfect place to dine if you’re short on time!

If you’ve never had sushi before, or have previously had it but didn’t like it I suggest coming here and giving it a second chance. There’s loads of fish alternatives making it suitable for all tastebuds!

They have a pretty awesome 25% discount for students (excluding Monday’s & Saturday’s) and every Monday enjoy 45  dishes for just £2.80 each.


Primo’s is an all time favourite, it is a great alternative to a burger and it isn’t just any old hot dog. These are great if you are wanting something quick but not resulting in McDonald’s or Burger King.

The establishment is found in the historic Corn Exchange not far from the Market. It specialises in real taste of USA gourmet hot dogs and they will not disappoint.

Las Iguanas 

This is mainly a Brazilian, Mexican and South American food, with a fantastic and lively atmosphere it is a great place to eat.

They offer a variety of dishes from across the board and a great tapas menu for those who like a little of everything. The decor is fun and inviting, and the staff are friendly and highly knowledgable.

Five Guys

We have eaten at many different locations of Five Guys, each one we have loved and never had an issue.

Five guys are probably the most divine burger I have ever had, and yes if your a foodie or a connoisseur then this may not be something you agree with but it has been voted the best burger chain for a reason.

Even though they are a chain, I wouldn’t pick anywhere else to get a burger. The staff clearly like working there and you can see it, the service is great and the drinks machines are amazing.

As always I’d love to know you’re favourite places to lunch in Leeds. Let me know in the comments where you suggest we try in the future. In the meantime be sure to check out some of our suggestions and let us know what you think.


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