5 Of The Best Budget Bites In Berlin

Berlin food restaurants are available far and wide. In fact, Berlin hosts one of the most diverse set of restaurants in a city I've experienced within Europe which make it a 'must visit' destination for 'foodies'. I've curated this list of my five favourite Berlin restaurants to grab some food!

Helen and I have just gotten back from our first trip to Berlin, in fact… Our first trip to Germany! And what a wonderful time we have had.

As the difference in cost between hostels and hotels was so small, we opted for a private hotel room at the Ibis budget. This meant no kitchen, which translates to eating out a lot more than perhaps we would have liked.

Having never been to Germany before, let alone Berlin we had very little idea as to what to expect. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the culinary delights on offer.

While I found Berlin living costs to be in line with, if not slightly higher than those in London. We did manage to find a wide range of great budget bites that I’d love to share with those of you who are looking to visit this vibrant and cultural city in the near future.



After an extensive time in Europe, we were looking for something different. Something we’d struggle to cook in a kitchen at a hostel or in an apartment. And most importantly, something that wasn’t BREAD.  (I feel like it’s all we’ve eaten)

Luckily we came across Madami on a street just behind the centre of Alexander Platz.

Madami is a Vietnamese restaurant that caters for everyone and has a wide range of dishes to offer. We opted for the bun nem and the mien tron, both were packed full of flavour and filling. The dishes were quite a large portion with plenty of noodles, salad and chicken and definitely didn’t disappoint.

The dishes were well priced at €8.80 each and a bottle of water in total came to €22.57 including tax.


Wok To Walk

We found Wok To Walk on the same street as Madami but you will find these dotted around the city in different areas.

These are reasonably priced at an egg noodle base with chicken, mushrooms and a teriyaki sauce and bottle of water came in at €10.20. The food was made fresh and was delicious, more than enough to fill you up for the rest of the day/night.

There were options to sit indoors and outside the shop or take away, which is a bonus if you want to keep exploring the city or take it home with you.

Einstein Kaffee

We stopped here for a quick bite to eat before heading off on our free walking tour. We chose a mozzarella and tomato sandwich with a can of Mezzo Mix for €6.97.

As you can maybe tell by the name it is a coffee shop and there are plenty around the city you can visit. The coffee shop offers up a range of sandwiches, cakes and coffees with ample seating for you to sit and watch the world go by.



We had found Dolores on Tripadvisor as noted as a cheap eat and had great reviews, we had been craving a burrito so it was perfect for us.

Though it involves a wrap which is technically bread, there is so much more to this meal than that. There was a selection of meals you could choose from or you could create your own from the board. I will note that at present time of writing this they only accept cash. I chose a quesadilla and coke zero, Helen had the easy chicken burrito and coke and we also got chips and dip to share. The total cost of the meal was €21.00, including tax.

The food was beautiful and could not be faulted, the burrito and quesadilla were packed full of chicken and flavour. The service was friendly and the atmosphere was relaxing.



This was our last meal in Berlin and wanted to try something different, more traditional based but unfortunately our stomachs started rumbling before we got the chance to find anywhere suitable. We had already passed Vapiano while exploring the sights and so checked it out on TripAdvisor.

Like most hotels, restaurants and activities, I check out the TripAdvisor reviews and they were somewhat mixed, this initially put me off due to the style of service and rude staff although the food was reviewed as great. The restaurant is in a prime position right next to the TV Tower, being a great spot to sit and have a drink or bite to eat while waiting for your slot to go to the top of the tower.

We walked in and were handed a card and was very briefly told about the service style, we sat down and browsed the menu. We both chose to have the Bruschetta pizza and a soft drink, to order your food you had to go to the designated stand, these were divided into a bar, salad, pizza and pasta. You ordered your food at the designated stand and placed it all on the card, you were then given a phone like buzzer to collect your food and at the end proceed to the till to pay the balance.

2 Bruschetta pizzas and 2 soft drinks came to the value of €23.80 including tax. The food was delicious and the wait was quite reasonable. I definitely found being able to eat and go pay at my own pace easier as trying to flag down a waiter can sometimes be a hassle.

I would definitely return here due to the delicious food, however, I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. Though the ability to order and pay when you are ready isn’t for everyone, the drawback would be visiting as a family for a group where each person is ordering something different from the different counters means that each meal is ready at different times. This for a family or group of people could easily be chaotic or stressful, for people such as us is simple and easy.


So there you have our best budget bites in Berlin, if you have visited anywhere that you feel is worth a mention and you loved to let me know in the comments.


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