3 Places You Must Eat Whilst In Hamburg

On our last stop on our digital nomad adventure, or at least for now, we visited the wonderful city of Hamburg. We had already got our flight from Hamburg back to Manchester for a great price, so why not visit and explore the city?

We were invited to stay at the Hotel/Hostel Superbude, check out my review here if you are planning a trip to Hamburg.

Flamm Hus

Flamm Hus was suggested to us by Come To Hamburg to try out. It is a french food restaurant located in a food market a short walk away from the Chocoversum Museum. The market hall had a few other places to eat from noodles to pizza and more. 

We had a traditional Flamm Hus with a cream cheese base, spring onions and chorizo topping. It was quick and delicious, sadly we were so hungry and ate it so fast we forgot to take a picture. We got one to share with 2 drinks for €10.90, it was a great alternative to pizza or sandwich if you like us are a little fed up of bread. 

Mam Eat Greek

This place was located in a hive of activity with independent shops and restaurants, great for us as it was a 5-minute walk from our hotel. There were many other restaurants around, we had everything from Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian and Indian but not Greek on our travels. 

The place was clean tidy and the food looked delicious. We both chose to have a chicken gyros, a pita like bread filled with chips, sauces, salad and chicken and my favourite tzatziki along with a drink each. This came to a total of €13.40 which we thought was great value for money.

Though there was a little confusion with meals, when we got our food it was beautiful, well presented and full of flavour.  I would definitely eat here again due to the great quality of the food and the value of the meal. 

Better Burger Company

We ate here for dinner one evening and it was gorgeous, everything was made fresh and you could pick the toppings for your burger which is always a bonus for me as I like a lot on my burger. The company pride themselves on making the best burger with their secret ingredient being you. You choose the final flavours and sauces to the burger to make it one of a kind. 

We got 2 100g burgers with cheese and bacon and 2 drinks for €18.90, while the prices were higher than we would have liked, the food was great quality so was definitely worth the price.

While ordering you pick what burger you want and then when it is read you go and pick your 3 toppings and sauce, I liked this idea so you can actually decide what you want with your burger, simple and easy and makes happy customers. The atmosphere was cool, nice seating outside for the sunny days and plenty of seating indoors. 

If you have been to Hamburg and found a great place to eat let me know in the comments and tell me why you liked it. In the meantime feel free to use the map below to highlight where you could visit during your stay.


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