Cruise Holidays: Why We’re Desperate To Go On Our First!

My parents always instilled in me that ALL cruises were black tie events, only for the rich and elderly. So for the past twenty years of my life, a cruise hasn’t been on my travel bucket list… However, over the past five years or so, things have changed.

An now more than ever I find that my girlfriend Helen and I are more desperate than ever go on our first cruise holiday – but why?

Well… Maybe it’s because of adverts like this one;


Cruise ships famously seem to go to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. With beaches that last for miles, and water that’s crystal clear.

A trip to destinations such as Australia, Miami, The Cayman Islands, Hawaii and Alaska just don’t seem complete unless you’re arriving on a magnificent cruise ship.

As someone who gets bored all too easily, even when on holiday it’s good to know that I can see multiple destinations on one trip. An arrive at each location fully refreshed, and not full of jet lag. It seems the greatest way to get value for money when looking to go on a multi-destination holiday. 

Activities & Entertainment

I mentioned I get bored easily, and one thing I always worried about was how bored I could get on a boat. I mean seriously, how much can there REALLY be to do on one cruise ship?

Turns out, enough to probably entertain me for an entire month.

From fitness classes to waterslides there’s something for everyone… 

You have no idea how relieved Helen will be that she can simply lay in the spa knowing I’m being entertained in the cinema or in the arcade. 


Food, it’s an important part of my life, and existence on this planet. I get very, VERY grumpy without it. Now despite my parent’s impressions a cruise doesn’t mean that you have to wear your finest, and fanciest outfit to dinner.

Instead, you’ll find a choice of multiple different restaurants (I still can’t get over the fact there’s more than one – I mean seriously, how big is this thing?)

Laura from Tired Mummy of Two did a post about the amazing food she experienced on her Carnival cruise that could make even a non-foodies mouth water

In fact, my only worry about the food on a cruise ship is where I could possibly put it all and whether I’ll fit in my holiday clothes by the end of it!

Shore Excursions

On our recent trip around Europe, Helen and I fell in love with excursions. There’s something about learning about the culture and heritage of a location from a local tour guide, tasting the unique cuisine available or simply visiting the ‘must see’ sites of a destination.

Which is why it’s great to be able to organise shore excursions as part of your cruise. This takes the fuss out of finding the best things to do and arranging bookings that work alongside your time on shore.

In my spare time I often find myself browsing the different excursions available, and nothing gets me quite as excited as a turtle farm and snorkeling by the coral reef.

So, if you catch some envious Instagram photos in 2018 of my time on a cruise ship, don’t be surprised. As this ‘to-do’ couldn’t be higher on my list!


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