Travelling Through 41 Years of Apple Products At The Apple Museum, Prague

Prague probably isn’t where you’d expect to find an Apple Museum. Yet, here it is. This exhibition includes the most valuable and complex collection of computers dating from 1976 through to 2012. 

As both an avid Apple and Jobs enthusiast it was a MUST visit during my time in Prague and it didn’t disappoint. This private collection is enough to leave most Apple fans drooling. Even if you’re not an avid Apple fan, you can still find the beauty in this collection and the history and impact both Apple and Steve Jobs has had on our lives. 

The museum is simple and clean. A representation of the Apple products we know and love (I’ll try not get into an argument about how things at Apple have changed since Steve’s passing)

The formatting of the displays made for fantastic viewing allowing you to appreciate just how far these devices have come in such a short amount of time.

Connecting to the free WIFI inside the museum allowed you to seek information on each of the products corresponding to the number shown on the display. As well as a brief description of the product you could also find the retail cost, and dates the product was available to purchase from / until.

If all that time-walking left you with a thirst, be sure to check out Steven’s food which serves up natural, healthy food in the traditional Jobs manner. 

With the price to visit this exhibition very reasonable (€9 for adults, €7 for students, €4 for children and €22 for a family of 4) I’d say it’s one not to be missed.

With thanks to the Apple Museum for providing us with complimentary tickets to review this exhibition. Learn more at;


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