The Complete Guide To Visiting: Prague

Our time in Prague was different to the rest of our time in Europe. We settled down and spent almost three weeks in this beautiful city. Catching up on work, sleep and exploring.

If you’ve been watching our Youtube videos then you’ll know my brother Niall came out to visit us. We used most of our exploring time to show him around the city. Including taking a trip to Hamleys Toy Shop.

Travel Insurance

Before you go anywhere you’re going to need travel insurance. Travel insurance covers you for small things such as loss of baggage or larger things such as illness or death abroad.

Whilst it isn’t compulsory I personally wouldn’t go anywhere outside of the UK without it. I have travel insurance as part of a service with my bank. If you don’t have travel insurance already then I recommend using a comparison service such as Go Compare to find the cheapest / most suitable insurance policy for your needs.

For the purposes of this study let’s say that you don’t have travel insurance but you manage to pick up an annual worldwide travel insurance policy for £10.


We got a one-way bus ticket from Vienna to Prague. If like us you’re looking to get a coach from across Europe (or beyond) to Bucharest then I recommend using GoEuro. They are a free to use coach comparison service. They compare a number of different routes and services and the best news – it’s all in English.

However, if you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway then return flights from the UK can be picked up for as little as £28 return. I’d recommend using the free flight aggregator search platform Skyscanner. Skyscanner will help you to find the cheapest flight on a given set of dates from any airport(s) in the world.

Internal Travel

In the city of Prague, the main mode of transport is the tram, the tram runs through the city and all the way to the airport. The tickets are timed tickets and so you can get anything from a one hour pass to a week pass, not all tram stops have ticket machines so always make sure you pick up a ticket when you see one.

While the public transport in Bucharest is affordable and convenient if you’re looking for an added bit of luxury and convenience – particularly in transferring from the airport to your hotel then consider using Hoppa.


In Prague, we stayed in an Airbnb for 5 days then decided to stay for another two weeks and found an apartment on, this worked out better for the length of time staying as it was an entire apartment a short tram ride from the centre and was great.

However, if you’re looking to go a little further upmarket then check out some of the latest deals available;


While I’d never advise anyone to actually buy anything here (things are often priced above RRP) the photo opportunities for kids (or big kids like me) are endless. In fact, this particular Hamleys includes a slide that you can take down from the second floor to the first. I have to say I was a little disappointed when Helen told me I was too big to have a go.

Along one of the main strips within the historical old town we came across a torture museum. This museum was clearly targeted towards ‘typical tourists’ however we decided to take a look around regardless.

We bought a duel ticket for this and the wax museum next door that cost a little under £10 per person. An while we weren’t disappointed, we also wasn’t blown away. With each museum taking around 30 minutes to walk around.

It’s no secret that Helen and I are huge fans of America. Which is why we jumped at the chance to have an American day in Prague. Exploring the Apple Museum (if you’ve not already read my more in-depth review you can here).

One of our final days truly exploring the city of Prague included a trip around the old town hall. This trip provides a behind-the-scenes look at perhaps the most popular attraction in Prague, the astronomical clock in action. The tour lasted an hour and was the perfect way to learn more about the history of Prague.

We followed this up with a trip to Prague Zoo. This came highly recommended on Trip Advisor and seemed like the perfect place to spend our afternoon in the sunshine. The entry costs were very reasonable (200kc adults, 150kc for children, seniors and students with family tickets available)

The zoo is around 45 minutes out of the city centre of Prague but is easily accessible by public transport.


As we were staying in Prague for an extended period of time we took advantage of having our own kitchen and space to buy cheap ingredients and cook meals to save money.

However, we did go out to the largest Hard Rock Cafe in Europe, it would have been rude not to right?


As always we opt not to purchase souvenirs. Our trip to Bucharest, Romania on a budget was no different. As with all of our budget trips we instead put the money we would have spent on another trip, and the chance to make even more memories.

Prague is a truly magical place. I highly recommend visiting when you have the chance. As always, I’d love to know more about your experiences here, be sure to let me know in the comments below. In the meantime we’re heading off to our next destination, Berlin!


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