A Lego-tastic Weekend in Billund, Denmark

Billund, Denmark is the home of Lego. Being the Lego fans we are, we simply had to visit when our local LUG was invited for a tour of the Lego House & inside the Lego factory. So, what's a weekend in the home of Lego like? Let me tell you...

We have visited the wonderful lego world of Billund, Denmark twice now. Known as the home of the plastic construction bricks Lego. Both of our trips to Billund, Denmark were centred around meeting the guys at Lego HQ and have an exclusive tour of the Lego factory.

However, that was just one day of the often three to four nights we would spend here. Which meant we were very excited to share with you our secrets to a Lego-Tastic trip to the home of the Brick!

Travel Insurance – £10

Before you go anywhere you’re going to need travel insurance. Travel insurance covers you for small things such as loss of baggage or larger things such as illness of death abroad.

Whilst it isn’t compulsory I personally wouldn’t go anywhere outside of the UK without it. I have travel insurance as part of a service with my bank. If you don’t have travel insurance already then I recommend using a comparison service such as Go Compare to find the cheapest / most suitable insurance policy for your needs.

For the purposes of this study let’s say that you don’t have travel insurance but you manage to pick up an annual worldwide travel insurance policy for £10.

Airport Parking – £7.50

The cost of airport parking or any parking for that matter usually frustrates me. However, our three nights of parking at Luton Airport worked out not to be so bad. We car shared with 2 friends to cut the cost which made it £7.50 per couple.

If you’re looking for some alternatives then consider Just Park, BlaBla Car or even using public transport to get to the airport.

If you absolutely must drive to the airport then check out my review of the service Looking4Parking which works as an aggregator to find you the very best deal.

Flight – £65.98

We were highly specific as to exactly when we wanted to visit Billund, Denmark. As our meeting and tour of the Lego factory had been booked for a specific date. This meant that despite booking almost five months in advance meant that we ended up paying £65.98 each for a return flight.

If you’re more flexible as to when you visit then return flights can be purchased for more than half that price. You’re always best using the free flight aggregator website SkyScanner to find the cheapest dates and airline for your trip.

Internal Travel – £20

On this particular occasion we required a car to get around Billund. Luckily as we were travelling as part of a group we managed to reduce this cost significantly.

There is limited public transport within Billund, Denmark. However, with everything been within a 2-3 mile radius, it shouldn’t really be required.

Hotel – £76.50

During our first trip to Billund we stayed a mile from the centre in a B&B. The place was fantastic, and the staff were wonderful. However, the lack of public transport, cycle lanes and paths made walking to the centre very difficult.

During our second trip to Billund however, we stayed at the Lalandia resort. Shared with 6 other people.
The facilities at Lalandia enabled us to have self-catering, an on-site supermarket and much more, even though the cost as a whole was expensive the experience was much better.

Three nights at Lalandia was €613 however, by splitting it with 6 other people the cost for myself and Helen was just £153.

Think Centre Parcs next to Legoland and an airport and you wouldn’t be far wrong. This place is amazing for group trips and families alike. A 5-minute car ride from the airport, no check in needed as you get the code for the apartment via email. Everything is done electronically.

The resort as a whole is amazing, packed with crazy golf, arcade, swimming pool, shops, restaurant, petting farm… There’s also parks and play areas dotted about between cabins so you don’t have to go to the main centre if the kids want to play etc.


Attractions – £41.89

The one, and pretty much the only attraction in Billund, Denmark is Legoland.

Before we get started with my brief review of the attraction there’s a something I feel I should mention. I’m an adult fan of Lego, I didn’t travel with a child (which of course the park is tailored to) and I’m often around large scale, highly detailed models.

On our first trip to LegoLand in Billund we paid to visit, and honestly I was disappointed. Considering it was the ‘heart’ of Lego I was expecting something more. The whole park felt worn. Credit, where credit is due. The vast majority of the park is outdoors so I can’t imagine it’s easy to maintain but it just looked so outdated…

Of course, no park is complete without rides and Legoland, Billund is no different. However, I can’t see any of the rides being at all a thrill for anyone over the age of 12.

It’s worth noting that the second time we visited we entered the park after 4pm. By doing so you can enter for free. All the rides are closed but you’re free to wonder and explore for up to an hour until the park closes.

Food – £75

During our first visit to Billund we ate out a lot. We we’re meeting people who we weren’t staying with and didn’t have many kitchen supplies allowing us to cook meals. However, our second visit to Billund came with more organisation and accommodation tailored to self-cating which reduced the costs significantly.

Some of the places we ate during our time in Billund included;

Restaurant Billund
Visited this restaurant three times; twice in 2015, and again in 2016 (there’s not much choice in central Billund when it comes to food). Unfortunately, on all occasions, both the service and the food has been mediocre.

Billund Bageri
Everything in Denmark is costly, but this place seemed to really hit my wallet hard! Each time we bought a drink and a sweet pastry. On our last visit, we found it more cost effective to buy a cake than multiple pastries which lasted us the entire time we were there.

Don’t get me wrong, on all occasions we’ve visited (multiple times in 2015 + 2016) the food and cakes have been delicious, just don’t come thinking this is going to be a €2 kind of job – because it’s not. On the plus side, there’s free wifi!

Souvenirs – £0

As always we opt not to purchase souvenirs. Our trip to Billund, Denmark was no different. As with all of our trips we instead put the money we would have spent on another trip, and the chance to make even more memories.

An so, there we have it, my complete guide to how to have the most Lego-tastic weekend in Billund, Denmark. If you are planning a trip to Billund, or have recently come back then be sure to let me know in the comments where you stayed, what you did etc. I’d absolutely love to know!


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