Hello From Hamburg

Our experience in Hamburg was one that I can only imagine people dream of. We experienced it all from amazing accommodation through to fantastic attractions and events - not to mention... THE FOOD! This is Postcard from Hamburg...

While on our last stop on our digital nomad adventure we stopped at Hamburg. We had got a cheap flight from Hamburg back to Manchester and so why not check out Hamburg while you are there?

This was our last stop on our trip before returning back to the UK and so it was more of a holiday than a working trip. We decided in our time we would catch up on work, sleep and go exploring. It didn’t seem fitting to write a budget-related post as we have done for our previous destinations (BulgariaBudapestBucharest)

We stayed in the amazing Superbude Hotel at St. Pauli, this was a short ride on the bus from the centre with amazing places to shop and eat. We were lucky to have a variety of restaurants and cafes just a 5-minute walk from the hotel.  The hotel bed was so comfortable I was tempted not to leave it, but I also wanted to check out the sights of Hamburg.

While in Hamburg we checked out the famous Miniatur Wunderland, with over 8 exhibits to see all of the different cities and each showing such detail. We spent hours looking around at all the small details of the little handmade figures and light shows on offer.

Miniatur Wunderland is a unique attraction in Hamburg and is definitely worth visiting, suitable for everyone with cheeky nude figurines for the adults, trains and an airport to keep everyone entertained, you really can’t go wrong. Ticket prices started at €13 per adult and €6.50 for children under 16 years old.

After a lovely dinner that evening we got up and ready for our next day in Hamburg and our last, we headed out to visit the amazing Chocoversum Museum. We had been booked in for a tour and we were very excited, why wouldn’t you really?

We really enjoyed the tour as you got plenty of chances to try the chocolate along the production line. So much that I couldn’t possibly fit anymore in. It was a great experience to learn about the elements that go into making the chocolate.

Helen decided she loved it so much she would start wearing it as a moisturiser. Ticket prices start from €15 per adult, the tour was definitely worth the money especially when you get to make your own chocolate bar.

After our pig out at the chocolate museum, we went on a boat tour around the harbour and soon got hungry again. We had a walk around Hamburg and explore some of the shops and of course, we had to explore the variety of foods available.

There isn’t much I and Helen enjoy more than eating, we aren’t foodie people we just like eating food. So we were amazed when we found 3 really good places to eat. We were really impressed with the variety of food available in Hamburg, we had everything from Greek, Italian, Steak Houses to French Cuisine.

Our time in Hamburg was lovely and would definitely be back to explore more. Hamburg is truly a quaint place to visit and we thoroughly enjoyed our time eating and exploring here. I would recommend anyone to visit and check out the wonderful sights we saw.

As always I would love to know what you think, have you been to Hamburg and suggest anywhere to go? Let me know in the comments.



  1. Hollie Gregersen October 10, 2017 at 6:21 pm - Reply

    What a great write up! My husband has been to Hamburg but only on business so he’s not had a chance to see the sights yet either. I can’t wait for us to visit now I’ve read your review 🙂

    • TMM October 11, 2017 at 12:06 pm - Reply

      Thanks Hollie. It was our favourite city within Germany for sure and we’ll certainly be back!

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