48 Fabulous Hours In Bratislava, Slovakia

We are continuing on our digital nomad adventure and have travelled to Bratislava, Slovakia from Budapest. This is certainly a place we knew nothing about. However, we needed to pass through Bratislava to get to our next destination, so we figured – why not?

We spent four days working and exploring here. Although, if you are just looking to visit then you wont need more than two – hence my title for this post; 48 hours in Bratislava, Slovakia.  

Travel Insurance

Before you go anywhere you’re going to need travel insurance. Travel insurance covers you for small things such as loss of baggage or larger things such as illness of death abroad.

Whilst it isn’t compulsory I personally wouldn’t go anywhere outside of the UK without it. I have travel insurance as part of a service with my bank. If you don’t have travel insurance already then I recommend using a comparison service such as Go Compare to find the cheapest / most suitable insurance policy for your needs.

For the purposes of this study let’s say that you don’t have travel insurance but you manage to pick up an annual worldwide travel insurance policy for £10.


While we didn’t require a flight as we got a coach (From Budapest to Bratislava cost us €10 each). If you’re looking to visit Bratislava by coach then I suggest booking through GoEuro. The website compares a number of different origins (inside and outside of Europe), a number of different routes and coach services. Bonus, it’s in English!

If you’re looking to fly direct from the UK to Bratislava you would be looking in the region of £40 return. The quickest and easiest way to book a flight is via the flight aggregator website SkyScanner.


Internal Travel

Our trip began at the main bus station in central Bratislava. From there we needed to get to our Airbnb located just outside of the city centre

From what we could understand from the tariffs at the ticket machine a 15 minute journey within zone 100 cost €0.70 for an adult & €0.35 for children. This will increase on longer journey’s – We only ever needed the €0.70 each ticket.

If you’re staying outside of the city centre during your 48 hours in Bratislava then you could be expected to spend around €5 on public transport. Additional costs may occur with transport to / from the airport. 



Unfortunatly, the hostels and hotels within the city centre of Bratislava were out of our budget. We therefore chose to stay in an Airbnb

If you’re looking for something a little bit more upmarket, special and have some money to spend then check out some of the latest deals suggested below;



While in Bratislava we had joined the free walking tour, the tour was 2.5 hours long which led us around the sights of the city and gave us a glimpse of the history and culture. While on the tour we were shown the best and cheapest places to try local dishes.

The tour is every day at 11 am and 4 pm, the tour starts by the statue of Hviezdoslav, Hviezdoslavovo square. The company also provide a free castle tour and a free communism tour for those who are interested in finding out more. The tour is a great way to get to know the area and a brief history of the country and city. 

We took a walk over the bridge to explore the views of the castle and the panoramic views of the old town, while at the castle there is the exhibition for the Slovak National Museum. There is also Devin Castle which is located further out of the city but unfortunately we fit in a visit. 


One of our biggest requirements while travelling is access to kitchen facilities. This helps us no-end in keeping the cost of food to a minimum. Check out my post on how to save money on food while travelling.

Of course, no trip to any new country is complete without tasting the local cuisine. We ate at a local restaurant and had the opportunity to try traditional Slovak food; 2 mains and 2 drinks came to a total of €17.00.



As always we opt not to purchase souvenirs. Our time in Bratislava was no different. As with all of our budget trips we instead put the money we would have spent on another trip, and the chance to make even more memories.

Have you recently come back from Bratislava? What did you think? Do you think 48 hours in Bratislava is enough? Let me know the answer to all these questions and more in the comments below.


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