Chocoversum, A Museum About Chocolate – What’s Not To Love?

While we were making our way back to the UK from our digital nomad adventure, our final stop was Hamburg. We had heard so many nice things about Hamburg so we thought why not make the most of our time here. 

While staying in Hamburg we checked out some of the top things to do. It should come as no surprise that Chocoversum was first on our list.

If you didn’t already guess, it is a museum about chocolate, but not just any museum, this was an experience in itself or some may say a meal in itself. Who could possibly get to a city and turn down a visit to a chocolate museum? Not me!

Our Visit

We were booked in for an English tour starting 12.30, we arrived well before and got a chance to look around the store and bought a bottle of water. We debated the water after being told by the staff it was wise to have one with us, thinking it was going to be a scam but it really isn’t. We picked up a bottle of water for €1.50 from the shop, you will want a drink with you on the tour.

There are many tours daily and even if you can’t book onto an English speaking tour you can get a guide book. Tickets can be booked and purchased online or at the shop.  

When the tour starts we were given chocolate straight away, that to me is a great start. We walked into a room with a large fountain, that is covered with a protective plastic so unfortunately, I couldn’t just dunk my head underneath and drink the chocolate. The tour takes you from the very beginning of where the cocoa beans are grown and what makes the best cocoa bean as well as their shipping methods.

I really enjoyed the hands on learning of the tour as you can really get to see the raw material and experience the process that goes into making the chocolate. We had a great guide who was fun and really interacted with the group. The museum has plenty to see other than what is shown to you, not a detail was left out and definitely made me feel like I left an expert. 

The best part of the tour and I am sure everyone would agree is the part we got to make our own bar of chocolate, we were led into a room that had a beautiful smell of chocolate, although the whole museum smelt like that. On both sides of the room was a wide selection of different toppings from dried fruits, smarties and chocolates to gummy bears and sweets. We were able to pick 3 toppings to use on our bars, it was hard to choose just three but we managed in the end. 

We finished the tour and got out bars at the end to wrap up ourselves and take home to eat, though Helen’s didn’t last very long. There were plenty of opportunities to taste the chocolate on your way around and learn the difference between milk, dark and white chocolate.

We had a great time and feel it is something for everyone, there is plenty to learn and much more tasting and hands on than I thought there would be so I thought this was great.



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