How To Visit Brighton On A Budget

Back in July, I was lucky enough to win a competition for a trip for two to Brighton. For as long as I can remember Brighton has been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit. Finally, I’d been given a reason to go.


The terms of the competition meant that I was given £150 towards the cost of the trip. Helen and I booked to visit in August as part of my 24th Birthday celebration. We managed to have a great weekend away for such little money, I figured it was only fair to share how we did it… This is how to visit Brighton on a budget.

All the prices are based on two people sharing, and are correct at the time of publishing.

Travel – £25

We decided that it would be best if we drove to Brighton, the 250-mile trip from Leeds was going to take us around 5 and a half hours including stops and cost around £25 each way (based on 48 miles to the gallon and a price of £1.05 per litre)

Whilst this wasn’t the nicest way to travel (especially for me, the driver) it was the most flexible allowing us to leave our house and leave Brighton at a time that suited us. It also provided us with the flexibility to visit other local attractions easily whilst in Brighton.

Travelling in the car was also the cheapest option. That’s because travelling by train meant going via London and was set to cost around three times as much.

The cost of your travel will vary depending on your location within the UK. 

I’ve included this handy little widget so you can calculate the cost of your journey by car accordingly.


Parking – £15

As we travelled by car, an additional cost was parking. The hotel we stayed in didn’t have free parking (down south it’s a struggle to find anywhere that has free parking as part of an overnight stay) which meant that we had to pay £10 per day to park outside the hotel which was owned by Brighton Council.


Despite the additional cost here taken into consideration. Travelling by car was still was much cheaper than travelling by train. We probably could have found a cheaper parking space, however as this was a 30-second walk to our hotel. In our opinion it was worth the additional cost.


Depending on where you are staying you may want to look at parking at a JustPark location. JustPark is a service I use often when travelling places by car and can often get you a vastly reduced car parking space.


Hotel – £120

We stayed in the lovely Five, guest house in Brighton. It was very central and affordable. We paid £240 for three nights for two people (therefore £120 per person) which are certainly at the bottom end of the price list for any form of accommodation in Brighton.


That said the price didn’t affect the quality, the room was beautifully quirky, and the husband and wife team we’re always on hand to provide us with directions and advice as to where to visit and when.

Depending on the size and requirements of your party you may want to look at staying in a hostel, Airbnb or hotel.

Based on the time of year you’re looking to visit Brighton the prices will vary. We booked to visit in the August holidays (peak season) and paid a premium for this. If you’re looking to visit outside of the school holiday’s then you should easily be able to book two nights for under £70 and three nights for under £100 per person.


Food – £20

Food as always is as cheap or as expensive as you make it. For breakfast, we opted for croissants from the local supermarket. For lunch, we took advantage of meal deals in places such as Boots.


We also made the most of any gift cards I’d won through competitions over the past couple of months, used loyalty points from our nectar card and traded in some of our Clubcard points to receive vouchers for credit in restaurants etc.


Saving money on food on any holiday comes down to research and planning ahead. All of this took around one hour, around two weeks before our trip and saved us around £50 each.


There are loads of different places to eat in Brighton so even if you don’t have gift cards or vouchers to take advantage of be sure to look around for offers and deals. Mobile applications such as voucher cloud can often help with this.


Attractions – £20

Depending on your interests there are a number of things that you can do whilst in Brighton, whether that be hitting the beach or wandering down the lanes. 

Helen and I opted to visit The Royal Pavilion. Around a 15 minute walk from our hotel, The Royal Pavilion hosts some wonderful architecture and interior decor. We used our student cards to gain access at a discount saving us £6 each.

The Royal Pavilion Garden is a fantastic free thing to do in Brighton
However, Brighton also offers many fantastic and free things to do that are well worth checking out during your ‘Brighton on a Budget’ trip.


Souvenirs – £0.00

If you’ve not learnt by now, we don’t buy souvenirs. Instead, we try and make memories where ever we go and put the money we would have spent buying gifts for ourselves and others towards our next trip.


This isn’t for everyone, so if you do want to buy souvenirs ensure they are purposeful and meaningful. Shop around for the best deal, and be sure to haggle for a discount wherever possible.

I do hope this guide helps you to plan your very own Brighton on a budget trip. Be sure to leave me a comment below with feedback. 


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