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Looking to make some extra income from home? Maybe you're looking for something a little more passive? Well here's something you might not of considered. Renting out your driveway. We all know the cost of parking at the airport, at the football ground, near the stadium, train station... I could go on. Well what if you can offer people a discount by parking their car on your drive way? Nice right? I know people making thousands of dollars a year from home thanks to this new form of passive income. An hey - it's not for everyone. So if you decide not to bother then consider using the service and saving yourself a fortune on parking the next time you head into the city or to the game.

When we visited Billund last month we flew from London Stansted, our flight was super early in the morning and we knew we’d be taking a lot of luggage so public transport wasn’t an option. Unfortunately, for us our chaotic lifestyle had meant the planning for such a trip had been repeatedly pushed further and further down the to-do list.

Which meant that when it came to me looking for somewhere to park the car at the airport the cheapest I could find (including discount codes) was £64.99 for just four nights!

I folded my arms and refused to pay such a ridiculous sum.

Instead, I took to the internet to find a solution, and a solution I found in the form of JustPark. I was so impressed with the service I decided to do a complete Just Park review.

  • 90%
    Functionality - 90%
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    Ease of Use - 90%
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    Support - 90%
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    Value for Money - 90%


JustPark is a fantastic alternative to traditional car parking. Perfect for a variety of occasions the ability to book, pay for and guarantee a space in advance all at a lower rate than the alternatives is just brilliant!

How Does Just Park Work?

Just Park allows you to rent out your car parking space, garage, you name it. I managed to use their nifty website to find around 30 different spaces available on my dates of travel. All within a 5-mile radius of London Stansted.

One car parking space really stood out and that was John’s. John was three miles from the airport, he had a spare car parking space on the date’s we wanted and asked £25 for the four nights he also offered to drive us to and from the airport.

John was fantastic, we turned up to his house at approximately 5am and he was already outside waiting for us to pull up, he provided us with his telephone number so we could give him a call when we got back to the terminal so he could come and pick us up.

This week I've done a Just Park review. Just Park is the Airbnb of the car parking world and recently saved me £50 on a four night trip away. Not only could this amazing service save you money it could be a great side hustle earning you money from home.

Sign Up For Just Park

Prompt, efficient, polite and all £40 cheaper than parking anywhere else.

When we got back to the UK I was keen to leave John a fantastic Just Park review that he deserved. That’s when I decided to sign up for Just Park myself, offering up our car parking space. The service allows you to tier your prices accordingly we chose the following based on the prices in the surrounding area;

Hour: £1.00

Day: £2.00

Week: £10

Month: £40

The service charges the buyer the commission and not the seller and is at a fixed rate of £5.00.


Renting Out Our Space

We’re based just a few miles from Leeds with local amenities and travel services. I therefore decided to offer the car parking space at our home up for rent on Just Park.

Doing so couldn’t have been easier, and within a matter of days we was able to generate a small passive income from a small piece of our land.

I can only imagine the amount of money you could generate from this website if you lived close to a major sporting venue, entertainment complex, city or airport. I think we’re talking £200 a month upwards, that’s a whopping £2,400 for the year!!

I’d love to know if you have ever used the JustPark service either to park your car or make money from your car parking space. Be sure to let me know in the comments below!


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