Ultimate Guide For Planning A British Road Trip

In March 2017 Helen and I set our on our first ever British Road Trip. The idea was that we’d head around the north of England visiting every charity shop we could. Buying items to resell for profit on eBay.

Today I won’t be covering the eBay side of things. Instead I’ll be talking about the road trip itself with my 5 top tips for planning a British road trip.

1. Book Your Hotels In Advance

One of the biggest things I worried about was whether or not to book our hotels in advance. When visiting Thailand we roamed around the country freely booking hotels as we went.


However, we had a more specific plan whilst on our British road trip which is why I opted to book our hotels in advance. This saved us so much time on an evening when the only thing we seemed to want to do was eat, shower and sleep. We spent most nights in an Accor hotel, being an Accor cardholder I benefited from 10% off rates and welcome drinks on arrival. Accor includes budget brand Ibis who has a hotel in most major cities.  

2. Food On The Go!

Most days we’re spent constantly travelling from place to place. We could have very easily spent hundreds of pounds on food even if we only ate at fast-food places such as Greggs and McDonalds… but we didn’t.

Instead we got creative, stayed healthy and saved money by making our own food on the road. We’d stop at supermarkets and buy supplies such as wraps, bags of lettuce, sandwich fillers, fruit etc… Helen would make wraps and other tasty meals while I was driving giving us more time to explore.

Because we travelled during the winter months our food stayed cool however when travelling in the spring or summer you’re going to want to think about investing in a cool box.  

3. Get Up Early

This one sort of goes without saying but to truly make the most of your time on the road, get up early. Whether you’re spending your day in a particular place or are packing up and travelling to your next destination.

It’s also worth remembering that you’re going to need to allow for additional travel time on a morning between Monday and Friday due to commuter traffic.  

4. Split Your Travel Time

Rather than driving hundred(s) of miles over the course of the day try and split your day so you’re travelling just 20 – 40 miles at a time. Stopping every hour or so at a new destination.

It’s a great way to break up your travel time and can allow you to travel hundreds of miles without ever feeling like it. There are some great attractions and places to visit in small villages, towns and cities all over the UK.  

5. Avoid Service Stations

This goes without saying not just on road trips but during any trip across the UK. You’re going to be paying up to 20% more for your food and petrol at service stations compared to supermarkets / petrol stations in the most local town, city or village.

Obviously, it’s not worth breaking down for however make a conscious decision to take advantage of the time in which you’re next to somewhere offering cheaper food or petrol.   That’s everything (that I can think of right now at least) put together these tips can save you arguments, cash and create an even better experience for you on your British road trip.

As with any of the articles here on The Mini Millionaire be sure to let me know in the comments if you’ve anything to add, any questions or simply want to share your experience in following some of these hints and tips.


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  1. Joleisa April 26, 2017 at 8:35 pm - Reply

    I love your post! This is my kind of style except that I can’t do the driving (I’m scared of driving in unfamiliar places! I know)
    Can’t wait to hear about the pieces you picked up and how they did on eBay! Thanks for sharing.

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