6 Items You NEED To Pack For Your Next Holiday

Summer season is truly upon us. However, regardless of when you’re travelling, where you’re going and who you’re going with. There’s a couple of essential items that can make the entire trip – and I’m not talking about that new pair of shoes.

Instead, here’s a list of 6 items you probably don’t already take with you on holiday, but you need to buy & pack before your next.

1. Dr Bronner

Prior to becoming digital nomads we did A LOT of research and one product that continued to come up was Dr Bronner. Emanuel Theodore Bronner was the maker of Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap. He was a moral philosopher who used product labels to promote his ideas, including a belief in the goodness and unity of humanity. 

Since his death in 1997 his family have continued the family business. More committed than ever to making socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality and dedicating our profits to help make a better world.

Available to purchase from; Amazon 

2. Gin Gins

For 30 years, The Ginger People have dedicated themselves to promoting the healthy virtues. One great example of that is Gin Gins travellers boost. These tiny but mighty candy’s which are both delicious and soothing are perfect for those suffering from travel sickness.

Available to purchase from; Amazon

3. Immun-Pro

If like me you feel HORRID after getting off a plane that’s been floating around the sky with everyone else’s germs inside for the past who knows how many hours then these Immun PRO Infection blockers are for you.

A delicious chocolate mint mini tablet, clinically proven to work instantly in offering a natural resistance from the risk of viral and bacterial infection. It starts to work as soon as the first symptoms start to show by warding off the infection before you get sick. Ideal for when travelling on trains or aeroplanes where germs are prevalent. It acts as a protective film in the mouth and throat and creates a natural barrier against cold viruses. It also provides relief at the first signs of an infection such as the first scratching signs of a sore throat.

Available to purchase from; Amazon

4. Zap-It

Let’s face it. There’s nothing worse than being bitten. I’m terrible for scratching and scratching and scratching. However, there’s final a solution.

The Zap IT Mosquito Reliever is a simple and easy way to “bite back” at the little critters that invade our space every summer and take great chunks out of us spoiling out time outside.

Available from; Amazon

5. Silicea Gastro Intestinal

You never really know how you’re going to perform on holiday. The change in humidity and food can cause all kinds of an upset stomach. So it’s good to know that Silicea Gastrointestinal has you covered.

This mineral silicon combined with oxygen and water binds pathogens and their toxins together to help relieve symptoms of disturbed gastrointestinal tract. While also reducing bloating and flatulence.

Buy it direct from; Amazon

6. Altruist

Finally, sun cream. Which, let’s face it is usually a given. However, Altruist isn’t just any old sun cream. Developed by dermatologists. Altruist has a broad range of photostable UV filters, including one of the most advanced filters available – Tinosorb A2B. All to ensure that quality protection is provided across the whole UVA/UVB spectrum. This effective mixture results in an SPF of more than 30, with ultra, 5 star, UVA protection.

Dermatologically tested for both efficacy of sun protection and also to minimise potential for allergy or irritancy this stuff is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Get it direct from; Amazon

As always, I’d love to know what you guys are packing for your holidays, let me know your essentials in the comments below. In the meantime, if you do go onto buy and try and of these products I’ve listed I’m always looking for comments and features so tweet me and I may just feature your opinions back here on this post.


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