4 Essential Smartphone Applications For Travellers

With travel season upon us, I’m often left wondering how we ever survived without our smartphones. I’m not just talking about the inability to post photos to Instagram. I’m talking about essential smartphone applications for travellers that make modern day travelling easier than we could have ever imagined even as little as a decade ago.

After an extensive amount of time on the road, I wanted to share my favourite smartphone applications for travellers. You may have some of these, others you might never heard of. An if there’s an application I’ve not mentioned that you absolutely love then feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll check it out.

All applications are currently available to download for on iOS. Other platforms may vary.

Google Maps

Perhaps the most famous travel associated smart phone application Google Maps has an extensive search and transport section. Ideal for helping you navigate on foot, using public transport or in a car. The application is also suited to finding local services such as a petrol garage or supermarket.


WiFi Map

I love Three mobile for their fantastic ‘feel at home’ data roaming service. However, if you’re not with Three mobile (you should be) or if you’ve run out of data then WiFi Map is a fantastic tool that allows you to search for WiFi spots based on your location.

The application is crowd based allowing you to add unlisted WiFi spots and help contribute to the service.

XE Currency

So, you’re in the supermarket, a restaurant, or looking to buy tickets for a theme park. The price in front of you reads a number that lets face it makes no sense to you… It could be £1 or £100 you simply have no idea. 

Well, XE Currency is here to help. Simply type in the amount and it’ll convert the amount direct into your local currency for you based on the current exchange rate at that particular moment in time. 

This is perfect if like us you visit a number of different countries with different currencies in a short period of time. Or alternatively, if you’re on a small budget and want to ensure you stay within it. 

Google Translate

If you’re heading off the beaten path when travelling. Then you could easily find yourself without someone you need help from speaking English.

It could be something as simple as ordering food, or something as vital as calling an ambulance. 

Which is why for a second time Google has made it onto this list with the fantastic Google Translate application.

This app can convert voice, text and images from any language into your own. 

Those are my four essential smartphone applications for travellers. As always I’d love to hear your recommendations, so let me know what smartphone applications have changed your travel experience in the comments below. 


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