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The Best Place To Sell Blu Rays For Money In The UK

Are you looking for the best place to sell Blu Rays for money in the UK?

When looking to de-clutter, items such as books, CDs and DVDs are often where I start.

While I understand the love of owning the physical product and having a library of high definition movies (Nerds Unite!).

The amount of space required, and money invested is continuously becoming more wasteful as the digital service offerings by the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. continue to improve.

For that reason, you might want to consider selling your Blu-Rays for money. Blu-Rays tend to be worth more money on the second-hand market compared to regular DVD's so they are a great way to free up some space and some cash.

In this post, we'll be discussing the best places to sell Blu-Rays for money in the UK to ensure you get as much money as possible.

In order to truly highlight the potential returns from each of the retailers below, I've got a sample of Blu-rays that I'll be looking to sell.

We'll be using these same 9 Blu-rays to get the value from each retailer and give you an idea of the difference in value you might expect to see when selling Blu-rays online.

A few things thing to keep in mind however;

These values are constantly changing due to supply vs demand and the age or quality of the Blu-ray. The value offered by these same retailers one week, one month or even one year from now might be significantly different.

These are just a sample of Blu-rays to highlight the prices. Just because I make more money selling on eBay for example when compared to selling them to a recycle retailer such as CEX doesn't mean you will.

The price offered will depend on the Blu-rays you're looking to sell. I, therefore, recommend pricing up selling Blu-rays online to all these retailers to ensure you're always getting optimal returns.


There are two ways you can sell Blu-rays for money via eBay. Either via Buy It Now – an instant purchase system on the buyer's terms or via auction where the seller sets a minimum price and a set number of days for the auction to run in which we hope the value will increase between two or more buyers looking to purchase the item.

Either way, none of these methods are a guaranteed instant payout. So, if you're looking to sell your Blu-rays for instant cash this method might not be for you.

You could have these Blu-rays listed on eBay for weeks, maybe even months before achieving a sale. Even then you'll have to pack them up, send them to the customer and pay eBay a commission.

However, many often find that you do get maximum returns by selling items on eBay.

In the terms of our 9 sample Blu-rays here's the breakdown;

Assassins Creed£1.50
Downton Abbey – The London Season£1.94
Hercules 3D£2.61
Fast & Furious 7£1.06
The Huntsman Winter's War£1.95
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs£1.28
Despicable Me 3£1.24
The Purge£1.01

* Sale price is after fee's based on 10% of the final sale price

* Sale price is based on the cheapest of the exact same item currently for sale in the Buy it Now format.

* The sale price does not include charging the buyer for postage, nor does it include the cost of postage which should be counteracted by the postage charged. For example; sell the item for £0.99 + £1.79 postage (£2.78 in total) the postage costs £1.79, therefore, the sale price is £0.99. The 10% fees are then based on this price.

With a total of £13.90 for the 9 DVD's after fee's and postage, I'd want to recieve at least £9.00 from one of the other retailers in order to consider going elsewhere.

Otherwise, the investment of my time to list, store, pack and post these items (once sold) is in my opinion at least worthwhile.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) is only going to be suitable for those looking to sell Blu-rays etc. online as a long term business.

Otherwise, the investment of time and money into setting up an FBA account and purchasing the necessary resources is (at least in my opinion) not worthwhile.

However, I figured, I'd share the numbers based on the 9 Blu-ray's I have anyway since I have access to an Amazon FBA account for those who might be interested;

Assassins Creed£1.47
Downton Abbey – The London Season£4.26
Hercules 3D£1.94
Fast & Furious 7£1.10
The Huntsman Winter's War£1.10
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs£0.60
Despicable Me 3£0.51
The Purge£0.63

* Price is after the Amazon FBA fees.

* Price does not include shipping the stock to an Amazon fulfilment centre. ( This costs around £5 per box up to 15kg)

* Price does not include labelling the products in any capacity (Amazon charges £0.10 per item, although you can opt to do your own labelling when investing in a printer and the correct software)

While the effort required is in my opinion less than that required to sell on eBay. You are receiving a slightly lower return. The ‘big hitter' if you will here is the Downton Abbey Blu-Ray which sells for more than double on Amazon FBA when compared to eBay.

Without the Downton Abbey Blu-Ray, the difference between eBay and Amazon is even more significant. Therefore, in this instance, you might look at splitting the sale of these Blu-rays between more than one retailer to maximise the returns.

While this does increase the hassle slightly, you can certainly see the potential increase in revenue as a result.

An, of course, this is just based on 9 Blu-rays if you're a reseller or selling a collection of Blu-rays then the difference in prices is going to be even more significant once multiplied by a number of Blu-rays where these circumstances occur.

Gumtree, Shpock & Facebook Market Place

I've grouped these local selling sites together as I feel that they all offer a similar value albeit on different platforms.

It's free to list and sell items on all of these programmes, however, you can pay an additional fee to ‘boost' the listing within the algorithm, or share additional photos with potential buyers.

However, one drawback to selling something as small as a Blu-ray on these selling sites is that sales are rare. Instead, it's expected that sales of items like this will be grouped together in job lots and bundles.

As a result, the overall total is often less than desirable. As I'm unable to gauge exactly how much we'd get for our bundle of 9 Blu-rays I decided to create a listing on Facebook marketplace to see if I gained any interest.

Based on the prices from Amazon FBA and eBay I put the price for the 9 Blu-rays at £20, expecting to recieve offers of around £10 – £15.

Sadly, even after one week, I never received any offers from anyone to purchase these Blu-rays.

Recycle Retailers

There's a vast number of ‘instant cash' recycle retailers available online. I've chosen to look at as many as I can find in order to once again get the best value for money when it comes to selling the 9 sample Blu-rays I have.

Alongside buying Blu-rays the majority of these retailers also purchase; books, CDs, DVDs and Video Games. With some also purchasing games consoles, mobile phones, electronics, clothes and Lego.

Music Magpie

First up, is perhaps the most popular of all the retailers of this kind here in the UK, Music Magpie which was founded in 2007.

There are no fee's associated with selling your goods to Music Magpie. Even posting your items to them is completely free.

Cash can be paid via PayPal, Bank Transfer and cheque, however, the minimum value for any order sent to Music Magpie must be £5 or more.

Based on the sample 9 Blu-rays we have, these are the prices currently offered by Music Magpie;

Assassins Creed£0.55
Downton Abbey – The London Season£1.19
Hercules 3D£0.60
Fast & Furious 7£0.31
The Huntsman Winter's War£0.30
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs£0.35
Despicable Me 3£0.31
The Purge£0.30

As you can see the total from Music Magpie is significantly lower than the previous Blu-ray selling methods we've covered earlier in the post.

When compared to say, eBay there's maybe one or two you might consider selling on Music Magpie instead for that instant cash, but right now we don't even meet the minimum £5.00 requirement to send off a shipment.

We Buy Books

Another popular recycling company is We Buy Books. Again it's an online-only platform and much like Music Magpie has both a mobile application and a website where you can enter details about the products you'd like to sell to them.

Helen and I often make jokes about this particular recycling company as they never actually do seem to accept the books we scan using our mobile phones when trying to sell to them. So, hopefully they'll accept the Blu-rays we want to send to them today;

Assassins Creed£0.34
Downton Abbey – The London Season£1.81
Hercules 3D£0.42
Fast & Furious 7N/A
The Huntsman Winter's War£0.52
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs£0.16
Despicable Me 3£0.33
The PurgeN/A

We Buy Books accepted 7 of the 9 Blu-rays we wanted to sell, however once again we didn't meet the minimum threshold to send our Blu-rays to them (again, this is £5.00).

There's no standout trend between Music Magpie and We Buy Books. Some Blu-rays fetch more with one programme, whereas others fetch less.


Ziffit is the purchasing name for the brand ‘World of Books' who sell second-hand books on the likes of eBay, Amazon and on a website of their very own.

Based on previous experiences I'm rather optimistic that Ziffit are going to offer the highest returns of all the recycling companies when it comes to selling my Blu-ray bundle.

Assassins Creed£0.64
Downton Abbey – The London Season£1.40
Hercules 3D£0.58
Fast & Furious 7£0.50
The Huntsman Winter's War£0.55
Cloudy With A Chance Of MeatballsN/A
Despicable Me 3£0.49
The Purge£0.44

Despite the fact that Ziffit only accepted 8 of the 9 Blu-rays we're looking to sell, they've still offered the highest total of the recycling retailers so far.

Again, however, there's no consistently higher price. Take for example Downton Abbey, The London Season which on Ziffit receives £1.40 but on We Buy Buys receives £1.81.


The only national retailer to offer both in-store and online trade-in and purchases, CEX has become somewhat of a household name over the past decade.

There are currently more than 380 shops in the UK (we have two here in Wakefield alone) and more than 100 abroad.

There are a couple of benefits of trading your Blu-Rays into CEX when compared to some of the other recycling retailers listed above. These include;

Being able to get a higher trade-in value if you're willing to opt for store credit which you can put towards purchasing anything else in store.

The ability to get instant cash in your hand when trading products in-store.

Here's what CEX offered me for the 9 Blu-Rays I'm looking to sell;

Assassins Creed£0.30
Downton Abbey – The London Season£0.10
Hercules 3D£0.60
Fast & Furious 7£0.20
The Huntsman Winter's War£0.30
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs£0.10
Despicable Me 3£0.70
The Purge£0.01

* Cash price, not trade-in price.

CEX has come out as the lowest offering of recycling retailers. Although it accepted the purchase of all Blu-rays, in one instance it offered just £0.01 (The Purge) compared to Ziffit above who offered £0.44 for the same Blu-ray.


In my opinion, there's no doubt that the best place to sell Blu-rays for money is on eBay. Despite the additional storage and effort required, the extra returns are fantastic.

If you have an Amazon FBA account then sending the Blu-rays to them is a great plan B. The slightly lower returns are worthwhile considering they do all the storage and individual postage and packaging for each item once sold.

As expected the worst place to sell Blu-rays for money is via any of the recycling retailers. However, if you're in need of instant cash and want rid of those pesky items now, Ziffit looks to be the best option, and CEX the worst.

However, as always this is based on the sample of Blu-rays I'm looking to sell. You can clearly see that the prices significantly change between each of the retailers so it's highly important that you check each and every one of them to ensure you're getting the very best price.

Finally, if you have a large collection, consider selling your Blu-rays on different platforms and via different recycle retailers (provided each of the baskets is higher than the minimum £5.00 where required) in order to maximise your returns for each individual item rather than the bundle as a whole.

2 thoughts on “The Best Place To Sell Blu Rays For Money In The UK”

  1. Hi Cora, I have approx 300 blu Ray’s to declutter. Is there a way to reduce the postage costs by bulk buying postage? Prob need to also buy 300 padded envelopes as well. Any tips?


    1. No way to reduce postage on only 300 sadly, 3 million maybe. You should be able to buy 300 padded envelopes or even cardboard boxes that are designed for dvd’s and blu-rays for between 5p and 20p per item in a volume of around 300. I’d love to know how you get on! 😀

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