The Best Day To Start Matched Betting

While I firmly believe that the sooner you get started with matched betting the better, there certainly is a day or a select number of days that are better than others to start matched betting.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you the best day to start matched betting, and why this is important, especially if you’re starting matched betting with a small bankroll.

Why These Days Are Important

The best days to start matched betting listed below, have a large volume of popular mainstream events. As a result, these events often have a range of mixed odds around 1.5 – 5.0.

As the majority of sign up offers require minimum odds of between 1.5 – 2.0 this is perfect. As you’re able to pick those over the 5.0+ odds you might more frequently see from horse racing etc. during the other days of the week.

The second benefit of starting to matched bet on one of the days below is the frequency of events. If you’re starting with a small bankroll, then you want to try and get the events close together so you can maximise the number of offers you can complete in a short space of time.

For example, if you have a bankroll of £50 to start with and you sign up to one bookmaker that has decent back and lay odds in events in 4 days time, then your money is going to be tied up for 4 days.

As you wait for this event to complete so you can then proceed to your free bet, and then move onto another offer.

However, if you matched bet on one of the best days to start matched betting below, and have a bankroll of £50 but find that you can get an event with decent back and lay odds that starts in 20 minutes.

Then your money is only going to be tied up for 30 minutes – 2.5 hours depending on the event (football matches compared to horse racing, events take longer to complete and therefore results to settle)

You can then repeat that process multiple times during the best days of matched betting and achieve a much higher profit than you would by waiting 4 days for that one event to complete.

When Are The Best Days To Start Matched Betting

So, now you know why the best days to start matched betting are important, what are they.

Unsurprisingly they are Saturdays and Sundays, especially during the premier league season that runs from August through to May.

At this time you’ll often find three sets of football matches, the first kicking off around 12pm midday – 1pm the next at around 3pm – 4pm and the final set between 6pm and 8pm.

If you prefer to see things visually, then head over to SkyBet fixtures and notice how the majority of the teams you’ve probably heard of are only playing on a Saturday and a Sunday.

What If I Can’t Start Matched Betting Those Days?

Honestly, if you can’t start matched betting on any of the best days, that’s absolutely fine. As I said in the introduction, I firmly believe the sooner you get started matched betting the better.

However, you might struggle for close odds a little more, or find that you’re placing bets on events that are a couple of days out rather than a couple of minutes or hours away.

For more information about how I made £20,000 matched betting in one year, or what matched betting service I use, visit the matched betting section on the blog.

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