Insomnia Gaming Festival: The Perfect Day Out This Summer

The most famous UK gaming festival is coming back to Birmingham, England this August. With a chance to try out the latest games in cutting-edge VR technology, watch live Q&A panels, meet and greet your favourite Youtuber’s it’s a day you won’t forget!

With all the hype around Insomnia (i61) I was eager to find out how it compared to similar events of it’s kind that you can visit across the UK this summer.

Insomnia is being hosted at the NEC in Birmingham. A venue Helen and I have visited multiple times previously both to trade at and visit as guests. The NEC is a fantastic location in central England and easily accessible by train, car or even plane!

What I love about Insomnia when compared to other similar events of it’s kind is the amount of interactivity and hands on experience available. There’s something for the old-school gamer, there’s something for the kids, and there’s something for that member of your family who knows absolutely NOTHING about gaming. 

It’s an experience you’ll struggle to find elsewhere, with the ability to experience different games, on different platforms. This isn’t a comic-con (which I only describe these days as a glorified market hall) it’s a chance to really spend the day with people who have the same interests as you!

Better yet, the cost of a trip to Insomnia is great value for money too! With an average trip to the cinema for most families of 4 coming in at £50. For an experience that only lasts three hours. At Insomnia you’re getting A FULL DAY of entertainment that you’ll never find elsewhere from just £25 each or £78.40 for a family of four

Being fantastic value for money, and having something for everyone. During our time back in the UK Helen and I are going to be visiting Insomnia gaming festival. We’re excited to experience the fun first hand and report back!

Have you been to one of the Insomnia events previously? What did you think? Is it something you think you might be interested in going to this year? Let me know in the comments down below.


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