Disney Princess Ooshies Review

Asda and Tesco recently had the most amazing toy sale. It allowed us to pick up some magical toys at magical prices and one of the first products Helen and I decided to investigate was these Disney Princess Ooshies.

We’d never previously heard of Ooshies although thanks to trusty Google I was able to find that they are available not just in the theme of Disney Princesses but also WWE Characters, DC, Marvel, TMNT and more! They’ve been available in Australia for some time now and have been so well received that the development of a play set is already in the making. 

We’re currently on series 1 of all Ooshie themes here in the UK (What a relief, there’s nothing worse than having to go back and try and find / collect them all) speaking of the collection there’s currently 40 characters to collect… Which considering the lifespan of the current series I think is respectable. 

I have to say what impresses me most about these collectable toys are their duel purpose. As Ooshies are in fact designed as pencil toppers. These little things provide an affordable and easy way of customising your writing equipment and encouraging the writing of younger children within the family.

In the terms of the quality of the product. I’m not overwhelmed and astounded nor am I disappointed – instead I’m somewhere in the middle depending on the price paid. Ooshies are currently available in a single blind bag, a pack of four (three on show and one mystery) and a pack of seven.

As always I’d love to know what you think of the Disney Princess Ooshies. Will you be collecting them? Flipping them? or avoiding them? Let me know in the comments below.


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