What Can You Expect From The Logitech C270 Webcam

Being a tech addict in a budget conscious world can be tough. Every online tech based publication I check out contains information on the latest (and often most expensive) tech. Which for the most part is fine for a bit of self-indulgence. However, when it came to me needing a budget webcam I struggled to find any information on one under the £100 mark.

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Sure it's not the best looking webcam and it's by no means the most powerful. However, it is HD 720p and packs a punch at less than £20 - so for the price you're paying what more can you expect?

Which is why today I want to talk to you about the Logitech C270 webcam. Available on your local high-street or online for under £20 this webcam is the perfect introductory item.


Unlike a laptop where the webcam is built in, webcams like this one will sit on top of your monitor. There therefore needs to be a way of keeping it there. In this case the Logitech C270 provides a hinged clip at the back of the webcam that allows you to fit the camera to the top of your monitor very easily and adjust it quickly should this be required. 

The small camera lens is located on the left hand side of the webcam with the microphone to the right. A small green LED light lets you know when the webcam is in opporation. Overall it’s functionality over design with this webcam. Which is to be expected and often what you find with most budget tech products so that’s fine by me.


The Logitech C270 webcam includes a minimal number of features. In this case however the features this budget webcam came with were more than enough for what I’d be using it for. Here’s a small outline of the features included;

In-call HD video quality, at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

HD video recording, at resolutions of up to 720p.

Photos are available with a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, in a 4:3 format.

Pan, tilt and zoom controls, face tracking and motion detection are also available if you install the Logitech webcam software from the Logitech website.


I have four other cameras to compare this Logitech C270 webcam to. My Canon G7X Mark II that retails at more than £500 is of course better. The embedded webcam in my Macbook Pro which retails at almost £1,000 is unsurprisingly better. An finally both the forward facing and rear facing camera on my iPhone 7 plus that retails at almost £800 is too, better.

An what I have said before and I’ll say again is that this is a £20 (or less) piece of kit. Sure it’s HD but is the depth of image there – No. Is there a crisp to the image – No. In fact it looks like I’m filming on my phone from 2010. However… Can I expect more from £20 – No. So for now, for what I’ve paid this C270 webcam is absolutely perfect for the task in hand.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a budget webcam for Skype or to put a face to a name on your live streams then the Logitech C270 ticks all the boxes you could need and some. I don’t regret buying it and I’d recommend it to the vast majority of my friends in a heartbeat.


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