Where To Buy A Luvabella Doll – The Hatchimal of 2017

The hatchimal craze of 2016 is still something that sends shivers down my spine – and I’m not a parent. However, this year there’s a new kid in town (literally) the Luvabella doll is one of the toys that’s tipped to be the toy of 2017.

With pre-orders already in high demand, every mum, everywhere seems to have only one question… Where can I buy a Luvabella Doll?

ArgosArgos are currently taking no pre-orders for the doll. However, they are expected to have a limited number go on sale on the 1st October.

The EntertainerThe Entertainer have already had a limited release of the Luvabella doll. Unsurprisingly they sold out very quickly. However, they are promising to have more available prior to Christmas – we just don’t know exactly when.

Smyths – Smyths have already had a limited run available in-store and online. However, much like The Entertainer these sold out quickly. The good news however is that they are due to have some more in stock between the 22nd – 29th September (it’s just a shame they can’t be more specific, so be sure to keep checking back)

Toys R UsToys R Us are selling the Luvabella dolls at £10 more than RRP. They currently have none available and don’t have any details as to when they maybe available to pre-order or purchase.

AmazonAs Amazon is both a marketplace and a retail store. The only Luvabella dolls currently available are from those who have purchased at RRP and looking to sell on at a profit. However, that’s not to say things wont change between now and mid-October. 

eBayIf you become really desperate for a Luvabella doll then you can always turn to eBay. Although you’ll probably paying double the RRP you are guaranteed to get one. In fact at the time of writing there’s already 300+ listings for one available in the UK alone.

Interested as to what this doll worthy of £100 of your cold hard cash can do, then check out the video below from this years London Toy Fair.

Whether you want one or don’t, one thing is for sure. These things are very hard to come by. So if you’re child really wants one, and you’re happy to buy them one then get your pre-orders in now to avoid disappointment.


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