7 Fantastic Poundland Stocking Fillers

I remember the first time I took my mum in Poundland. The look of amazement and excitement on her face was fantastic. I’ve been a fan of Poundland for as long as I can remember, which is why I wanted to promote their Christmas stocking fillers range this festive period.

Christmas doesn’t have to be the extravagant battle of who spent more on who. Which is why I’ve created this list of seven fantastic £1 stocking fillers. Helping you spend less and give more this December.

3D Dot To Dot
Super fun and interactive dot to dots are great for kids!

Complete with 12 activities, two felt tip pens and one pair of 3D glasses to see your pictures come to life. Available in either Frozen or Marvel Avengers.
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Ceramic Sparkle Money Bank
This classic ceramic money bank can really help spur on any family member or friend to start saving.

With the only way to open and spend the money being to smash the pot, you’re likely to see their savings stay as savings for a very long time.
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Dog Scarf
Pet’s are just as important at Christmas, which is why I love this Dog Scarf (Also suitable for cats as demonstrated by Mittens)

I love novelty items like this but never want to spend much knowing that they’re likely to never be used again.
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Ceramic Christmas Mug
School teachers and those friends you’ve no idea whether you should(or shouldn’t) buy for are the worst. That’s why the Poundland ceramic Christmas mug is here.

A range of different designs partnered with one of the many varieties of sweet tubes makes the perfect go-to gift. Thoughtful, and yet super cheap.
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Christmas Jar
This simple but highly effective Merry Christmas mason jar with matching straw is the perfect solution for those Christmas cocktails. Making it the perfect gift or perfect Christmas party accessory.
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Cat Teaser
Remember when I said that pets are important during the holidays? Well, I meant it. This Christmas themes cat teaser is the makes up a perfect stocking fillers for your feline friend. Alternatives in pet stores cost anything from £3 – £5 so grabbing this for just a pound is fantastic!
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Sweet Tubes
No Christmas is complete without sweets and chocolate.

Poundland has an amazing range of sweet tubes including; Roundtree’s Jelly Tots, Roundtree’s Fruit Pastels, Malteesers, Freddo, Galaxy Minstrels, Matchmakers, M&M’s, Cadbury’s Wispa, Kinder Chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Munchies, Rolo, Milkybar and Smarties.
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Just because you buy a gift for a small amount of money doesn’t change the fact you care. In fact, the opposite. Most people will appreciate that despite your tight budget you’ve thought of them and provided them with a practical and personal gift.

As always I’d love to know what bargain stocking fillers you’re getting your loved ones this year. Let me know in the comments below.


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