Using My Tesco Clubcard Vouchers To Dine Out: Prezzo

Since the withdrawal of the Tesco Clubcard points boost a couple of years ago I’ve been left stranded as to what to do with my mountain of points. I’ve over £200 worth at the time of writing, and with many due to expire in the coming months I’m working out where and when to spend my points to ensure maximum value. Helen and I don’t eat out much when in the UK at least not in the restaurant sense.

However, with an exchange value of four times (that’s £5 Clubcard vouchers into £20 credit) for most restaurants available via the Clubcard programme it seemed like the most fitting way to spend at least a small amount of the points I have.

We chose to dine at Prezzo, an Italian chain that we’ve eaten at in the past. We changed £5 into £20 and received our electronic voucher by email almost instantly (huge bonus!).

The electronic voucher could be spent at anytime (at the time of writing, it’s always worth checking the terms and conditions before confirming your purchase) so we used it that very Saturday evening at our most local Prezzo, at the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds.

As can be expected the voucher is not redeemable alongside any of the other promotional offers currently available at the restaurant. So we we’re left to choose from the traditional main menu.

Luckily, that left us with A LOT to choose from. Albeit I started to wish I’d changed a little more than £5 into £20 as I knew this wasn’t going to cover us.

I opted for the Tropicana pizza (yes I am one of those people that eats pineapple on a pizza). The thin hand rolled base was fantastic and the fact it was cooked in a traditional pizza oven in the front of the restaurant was a lovely added touch.

Helen opted for the traditional beef lasagna. Her detailed review consisted of the following quote “Despite not looking picture perfect (you can say that again!), it was actually really nice, well… Nicer than it looks at least. I’d have liked a little more meat – especially on one side where it seemed to just be lasagna sheets”.

While we both opted for soft drinks, although there was an extensive cocktail and alcoholic menu to suit all tastes. 

In total, our £20 voucher from £5 Tesco Clubcard vouchers brought our total cost down to £5.40. Sure I’d have loved to paid £25 in vouchers and just £0.40 but really, who can complain about a restaurant meal for two costing just £5.40? – Not me that’s for sure.

We’re really looking forward to finding out what other experiences we can ensure and share with you thanks to Tesco Clubcard. In the meantime, be sure to let us know how you spend your Tesco Clubcard vouchers in the comments below.


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