5 Ways To Save Money And Still Look Good!

I am crazy behind with blogging and all things work related this month. So when Lady Janey got in touch and asked if she could share some hints and tips on saving money and still looking good (something I completely fail at!). I simply had to say yes. 

Lady Janey’s blog is dedicated to great customer service and is a unique perspective in the personal finance industry and is a great read! Anyway, enough of me… Take it away Jane. 

People often ask me how I manage to stay looking so fabulous even on such a frugal budget, well, to be honest, they don’t really praise any beauty I may possess specifically, but I am often asked for top tips as to how to make sure that if pennies are spent on looking beautiful, that they are very well spent!

True beauty and style do not necessarily need to cost the earth so here are 5 fabulous ways to save money and still look good!

Mystery Shopping

The concept of Mystery Shopping tends to be mainly associated with restaurants and shops but there are other excellent opportunities available, which can help you look good for less and even make money by doing so.

For example, Retail Maxim frequently offers assignments, which involve booking into a salon for a cut and blow-dry in return for a review or completing a survey. In addition, there are sometimes clothing assignments on offer whereby you get given a budget at a particular store and you get to keep the clothes you buy and get paid for your time too.

You do need to weigh up the downsides of any Mystery Shopping assignments as the reimbursement with some companies can be minimal and therefore not be worth your time and effort. Something that costs you more in travel and parking charges and takes hours to complete is not the best plan regardless of what you get in return.

However the hair salon mission was worth £20 in my pocket plus I enjoyed a £35 treatment, all for just taking a few photos and filling in a survey afterwards.

Clothes Swap Parties

How many times have you been out with your bestie and admired each other’s outfits?

How many times have you bought something, which you wear twice and then decide that it’s not for you anymore and how many times have you wished you could afford what someone else is wearing?

If you can answer yes to even just one of these questions, then a clothes party with your besties is a fabulous plan! It’s also the perfect excuse for a good old catch up and in my case, drink lots of wine, frugally purchased of course!

Even at 42, I live permanently in the wardrobe of my sister who has provided many fabulous outfits over the years and no doubt will continue to do so. In return, I keep her adequately stocked with shoes!

Being a Model

Now by this, I do not mean that you suddenly become Kate Moss and create your own clothing range or be paid just for wearing fabulous outfits. Instead, I’m talking about volunteering to be a model for those training to be hairdressers or beauticians.

Admittedly it might require a bit of bravery on your part but everyone has to start somewhere so as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped someone to develop their skills in their chosen career, you’ll be saving money in the long run as these services are often offered free of charge.

You can easily find out what is available by doing a simple Internet search, contacting local colleges directly or by enquiring on your local Facebook groups. Even privileged pup of mine can stay beautiful for less as budding dog groomers are also often looking for doggy models upon which to practice their skills!

Makeup Makeovers

Have you ever considered heading down to your local department stores to see which cosmetic brands are offering free, no obligation to buy makeovers to showcase their products?

Often even if this service is not complimentary then you will still get the price of the consultation discounted against whatever you purchase so you can at least try before you buy and therefore not waste money on products you will never use again. Boots pharmacy offers a free range of services for their No7 brand which includes;

  • Skincare Reviver Plan
  • Eye Perfection Class
  • Makeup Masterclass

Alternatively considers swapping your mainstream beauty brands for some of the Aldi dupes.

Beauty Freebies Websites

Once you sign up to a website such as Magic Freebies UK you are sent a list of currently available freebies and also have access to a wide range of others on the website.

These include anything from free toiletries, hair products and makeup samples to free gym passes and even clothes. As with anything, be very wary and use some common sense, as not all the offers are as fabulous as they first look.

Check any small print carefully and never provide card payment details, as these should not be required anyway if it’s a real freebie. In addition, it may be best to use an alternate email address so you don’t get spammed and don’t provide your telephone number or you may be subject to marketing calls.

Giving away freebies enables a company to advertise their products and encourage you to make repeat purchases. It’s great when it works! Everyone loves a freebie or two!

So there you have it; 5 fabulous ways to save money but still look good! Always make sure that what you spend your hard earned money on is 100% worth it because you definitely are.

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