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Muscle Food is one of the largest online meat suppliers in the UK. They’ve taken social media by storm but are they really THAT good? Today I’m putting their products to the test. I’ll be looking at the quality of the meats, the variety available and that all important, value for money.

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You've probably not thought about purchasing your meat online, at least not separately from the rest of your shop. However, maybe it's time you start? Muscle Food provides a huge variety of high quality meat delivered directly to your door. It's perfect for families, those wanting to loose weight, save money or bulk up!

Product Variety

Muscle Food stock everything you would expect to see in your local supermarket or down at the local butchers; chicken, steaks, sausages, mince… However, Muscle Food go above and beyond when it comes to product variety.

This means you can get niche meats such as; Kangaroo fillet steaks, ostrich burgers and Buffalo sausages.

Despite the name ‘Muscle Food’ the company offer a wide range of protien heavy and light options that are absolutely perfect for the family. Lighter options include; rump steaks which contain up to 72% less fat when compared to a standard one at just 1.3%, turkey mince and low-fat sausages.


I placed my Muscle Food order on Wednesday evening, and my order arrived on Friday morning. The Muscle Food order had been shipped in a temperature controlled box made up of corrugated card, bubble wrap and hydrated gel ice sheets.

Truth be told my meat would have been in WORSE condition if I’d have gone to the supermarket and purchased it myself.

Food Quality

I made sure I wrote this review after trying everything and I have to say not one item in that hamper was disappointing.

Everything tasted fantastic, nothing shrunk in the pan, nothing looked bad or went off quickly, and I was safe in the knowledge that I’m eating premium quality meat.

Whether you purchase the new customer hamper, or pretty much any hamper or product on the Muscle Food website you’re likely to be getting some chicken. In our house, we love chicken, it’s without a doubt our favorite meat.

Prior to ordering from Muscle Food we’ve been picking up bags of supermarkets own brand of frozen chicken breasts. They are great value for money don’t get me wrong, but the quality isn’t all there – and it’s not surprising.

Muscle Food’s chicken was impressive! The portions were huge, they have no added water or salt which meant that they didn’t shrink in the pan. Sometime’s it’s hard to balance price with doing the right thing for the animals…

Well, all of Muscle Food’s meat is free of genetic modification and comes from RSPCA free range farms across the UK and Europe. You’re not paying any extra for that privilege, it’s just another thing that Muscle Food as a company feels passionate about.

Value For Money

Okay, the meat’s arrived it’s looking great, we’ve tasted it, it tasted delicious now onto the important stuff… is it actually good value for money? So, I picked up the new customer hamper for £75 it included the following;

5KG Chicken Breast RRP: £38.00

x2 6ounce / 7ounce Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks – RRP: £12.00

x4 6ounce / 7ounce British Beef Hache SteaksRRP: £16.00

800g of British Extra Lean Steak MinceRRP: £9.18

1.2kg Whole Corn Fed ChickenRRP: £16.00

800g Premium Diced Turkey BreastRRP: £11.88

x12 75g Lean Chicken Breast SausagesRRP: £10.00

x2 4oz Lite Beef BurgersRRP: £7.96

500g French Skinny Potatoe FriesRRP: £2.99

500g Slow Cooker Veg-MixRRP: £2.99

500g Shredded Red CabbageRRP: £2.99

x6 75g Pork SausagesRRP: £7.00

x6 56g British Lean MeatballsRRP: £4.00

x14 25g Low Fat Bacon MadalionsRRP: £4.05

£5 GiftCardRRP: £5.00

That’s a total of over £150 worth of food for just £75. Even if you assume that you can get all that food on an offer such as 3 for 2, or 3 for £10 in the supermarkets you’re still going to be unable to get that much meat for as little as £75!

Muscle Food Loyalty Bonuses

Muscle Food know they have to continue to compete with the mainstream supermarkets. Which is of great benefit to us consumers. One way Muscle Food hope to keep our custom is through loyalty bonuses. Much like you’re Asda 10% money back guarantee, Tesco ClubCard or Nectar Card you’ll be rewarded for shopping (and promoting) Muscle Food.

For every £1 you spend on the Muscle Food website you’ll receive 1 point. Each point is worth 1p which means 100 points is equivalent to £1. It’s certainly not a huge reward, but with great savings across the board every little helps…

Refer A Friend

Muscle Food relies heavily on social media marketing and word of mouth when it comes to promoting their products and services.  That’s exactly why they’ll give you 500 Muscle Food ‘loyalty points’ when you refer a friend. That’s £5 worth of Muscle Food credit to put towards your next order.

Muscle Food relies heavily on social media marketing and word of mouth when it comes to promoting their products and services.  That’s exactly why they’ll give you 500 Muscle Food ‘loyalty points’ when you refer a friend. That’s £5 worth of Muscle Food credit to put towards your next order.

 – Buy From Muscle Food

In conclusion I believe that Muscle Food provides the most perfect shopping opportunity for those who are wanting a large variety of meat either high in protein or low in fat. Buying your meat in bulk like this is going to be costly, but you should see a drastic reduction in the cost of your weekly supermarket shop and have the freezer stocked with a variety of high end meat for months to come!



  1. theFIREstarter April 15, 2016 at 1:25 pm - Reply

    Seen this advertised in the gym and was intrigued.

    Once we eat our way through the current freezer full of food I will definitely sign up through your link! Sounds fantastic! (And delicious!)


    • TMM April 15, 2016 at 8:38 pm - Reply


      If you can get over the way it’s packaged – which I know some can’t. Then this is totally the way to go!

      We’re planning on getting all our meat (and maybe other products) from them in bulk direct in future.

  2. Toby Gibbs November 16, 2016 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    Hey Cora,

    I have used MuscleFood for a number of years and its fantastic! The convenience of delivery shaves time of my Tesco trip which is always a good thing, right?

    Check out a Chrome extension called “Honey”, what it does is it scans for online vouchers that can be added to your MuscleFood basket and it always finds something I can use there and then, free delivery or free food. The plugin actually works for lots of sites, check it out!

    Hope that little tip helps ?

    • TMM November 17, 2016 at 8:08 am - Reply

      Thanks for the advice Toby, installing as we speak!

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