How To Enter Magazine Competitions

Entering competitions is a great way to win prizes and reduce you're spending. I've won prizes that I could never in a million years afford, or better yet prizes that money simply can't buy... Magazines are often filled with competitions for you to enter, with a variety of methods to enter I've created this article to help you when entering magazine competitions...

Despite being in the ‘internet age’ there are still hundreds of competitions printed in magazines weekly. However, not all magazine competitions are created the equal.

Today I’m going to be sharing my winning techniques for finding low-entry magazine competitions. How to enter them, and how to win!


What Magazine Competitions To Enter

If you bought every single magazine that featured a competition in, you’d be broke. Magazines aren’t cheap and can range anywhere from £1.50 up to £6. So it’s really important to remember two things;

Only buy magazines for competition prizes you want to win!
Only buy magazines that you NEED to buy
in order to enter the competition

What do I mean by that. Well, Magazine competitions come in all different shapes and sizes, here’s some examples;

Email the answer to a questionYou'll probably find this on a competition directory and provided you don't need the magazine as proof of purchase you'll save yourself money by snapping a quick picture of the competition and emailing you're answer direct. The downside of this is that you'll probably find your chances of winning are less compared to some of the other examples.
Send a letterYour chances of winning by sending in a letter are usually higher as people 'can't be bothered' however, the costs can be next to nothing as you probably don't need to purchase the magazine to send the letter - instead you just need a little background knowledge on the magazine, and topics they cover (perhaps one specific topic from the latest edition) you might be asked to mail your letter so this will cost the price of a stamp. Alternatively, email maybe available.
Send a photoAgain, much like the letter. Chances of winning are higher because the effort is more. More often than not this wont be picked up by competition directories although you maybe asked to show for example where in the world you're reading the magazine.
Draw a pictureCommon in kids magazines you maybe asked to do this inside the box of a page within the magazine - thus requiring you to purchase the magazine (chances of winning - very high) or just to do it on a plain sheet of A4 - which means there's no need to buy the magazine (odds on winning less but still high)


How To Find Magazine Competitions

Now we’ve spoken about the types of magazine competitions you should enter. Let’s talk about how you can find them. An honestly, it couldn’t be much more straight forward. It’s a simple case of trial and error.

Get into the supermarket, into the magazine shops and start flicking through magazines.

Look for that magic word, Win! – ‘Di Coke –’

Once you find a magazine with a competition in, write it down. That way you can go straight to that magazine next week or next month. The likelihood is that if they have a competition in one entry, they’ll have a competition in them all…

Depending on the types of prizes you want to win will depend on the magazines you look at. For example if you want to win a spa break, then you’re probably not going to find a competition to win one in a kids magazine. Instead you’ll want to be looking at the likes of ‘Women and Home’ and ‘Women’s Fitness’.

If you find yourself buying the same magazine every single month because it’s required to enter competitions that you actually want to win then it might work out cheaper to purchase a subscription.


How To Enter (and win!) Magazine Competitions

Magazine will often feature the winners of the competitions in their latest edition. They might including the winning entry albeit a photo or a letter.

This means you want to be ‘on brand’ what does the magazine stand for? who is the target audience? can you discuss in detail a particular topic featured within the magazine?

Once you’ve created something ‘on brand’ you want to write / demonstrate your passion. Show your love for the magazine, show why you are the number one fan. It can be as simple as having a massive cheesy grin on your face on the photo, holding the magazine with pride. Alternatively, it can be simply explaining how excited you get when the subscription comes through your letterbox, how you look forward to it every single month etc.


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