How To Dress For A Promotion (On A Budget)

Aged just 19 I was thrown in the deep-end with a 18 month long internship at IBM. It’s one of the very best places to work as an IT & business professional. Having never previously worked in an office environment, I was uncomfortable as to what I should wear to the office.

It’s no secret that I don’t really style the dress or skirt look, so instead I needed to find something professional, Cora friendly, all on a student budget – How hard can it be right?

Well… Hard!

Around six months into my placement my manager came up to me and confronted me about my choice of outfit. How the trousers were too big and why I didn’t have the jacket to match. I was so embarrassed. From then on I’ve always had a keen eye on my outfits within the professional working environment. While it shouldn’t really matter what you wear (to a degree) as long as your work is good – It does.

You often reflect the image of the company you’re working for. Turn up looking scruffy to a client meeting, and that’s the impression they are going to have of your work, of your colleagues and of where you work. Turn up looking fly and the impression of your work, your colleagues, and the company you represent is going to be well, fly! 

Which is why when LoveTheSales got in touch and wanted to work with me I was eager to see whether I could put a professional, designer outfit together for under £100.

What Is Love The Sales? is a website created to help you find all the amazing deals in one place! They take the hassle out of sale shopping by providing you with all the latest offers and deals from more than 6,000 different companies worldwide – Full list of brands here

Instead of opening several tabs to look at all your favourite shops, all of their sales are right in front of you on one tab.

Navigating the Love The Sales website is easy and straight forward. You can shop by category or by brand depending on your requirements. As I’m looking for a work outfit, I’m going to head to a brand I know provides quality with a professional look.

I love the filters within the website help you further refine your search and organise results based on sizes available, price and discount!


I’m starting with a shirt, and what better brand than Ralph Lauren. I’ve organised my results from lowest to highest and found this lovely dark pink button up shirt that’s just been reduced from £85.00 to £34.00.

This is absolutely perfect to add a little flair of colour without being too ‘in your face’. Most importantly, it’s youthful and professional.

Now for the trousers. Here I’m going to be looking for something basic, plain but high quality. When shopping for an office outfit you really want trousers that go with every shirt choice you have.

To find the best results I headed straight for the women’s trouser sale. I filtered by women’s straight trousers (this removed results of jeans and jogging bottoms) and had 111 different choices available to me. I was pretty sure I wanted a pair of black trousers so I headed straight for the colour filter and selected black. 

so  Because I’m on a budget I organised my results from lowest to highest and managed to quickly find a couple of different options I thought would work.

The first are these trousers from ASOS. Simple, straight forward and reduced from £40.00 down to just £16.00!

My second choice is something I’m a little more unsure of… Reduced from £75.00 to £45.00 these French Connection trousers seem really stylish. Although based on the photo I’m a little unsure as to whether or not they’ll actually be professional enough.

Either way, both options come in under budget bringing the total cost of my designer workwear outfit to either £50.00 or £81.00

Which means there’s really no excuse not to be dressing to impress. Getting that box ticked on your way to you’re next promotion!

All opinions are my own this post is via lovethesales!


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