Jolly Lock Review

Jolly Lock Internet Protocol Virtual Desktop is an innovative piece of software that aims to help block IE Snare (a spying ‘cookie’ left on your browser by the bookies to see exactly what other websites you’re visiting).

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If you're not proficient in IT then Jolly Lock could really assist you in prolonging the length of your Matched Betting career. Helping you to avoid your accounts being 'gubbed'. This application isn't going to be suitable for everyone, if you know what you're doing when it comes to VPN's and VPS's or are only interested in making a short term profit with matched betting.

The gubbing of betting accounts is becoming more and more common in the forums as the popularity of matched betting continues to grow. With the estimated costs to the bookies from matched bettors alone coming in at 20 million pounds it’s no wonder they are taking things so seriously.

With all that in mind. I decided to put Jolly Lock to the test in this Jolly Lock Review.


Why Do Accounts Get Closed?

Before we start really looking at the benefits of Jolly Lock, we need to look at the problem the software is trying to help solve. Our betting accounts getting closed, but why does this happen?


The reason is simple. The bookies HATE to loose. I’m not just talking about matched bettors, but professional punters in general have been completely banned and removed from online accounts. If you go back to the 90’s and the days before online betting, it was easy to stay under the radar as a prolific gambler.


In fact, the only way to draw attention to yourself was by repeatedly being seen to ‘win big’ by the same betting store manager. That could be easily avoided by varying the times in which you placed a bet and visiting different shops across town.


With the birth of internet gambling everything changed. Gambling accounts became accessible to everyone and anyone and could be closely monitored very easily.


Combine all this accessibility with ‘bonus abuse’. Bonus abuse is another name for matched betting. Simply ‘hunting down’ free bets and other bonuses for the purpose of taking value from the bookmakers.


While an IE Snare block such as Jolly Lock isn’t going to 100% solve the problem, it’s going to certainly solve half of it. The other half is up to you in the form of your betting profile which I cover in the video below…

What Is IESnare? – How Do Bookies Monitor Our Accounts?

Every bookmakers has what’s known as a risk management team. They aim to track betting patterns of potential matched bettors and pre-emptively ban accounts who they suspect of belong to a matched bettor – before you’ve even placed a bet!


I’ve especially seen with the smaller bookies, people claiming that they have been ‘gubbed’ before placing the first qualifying bet. Confused? They ask… well how did they know? Smaller bookies doesn’t have a ‘large pot’ and with matched betting collectively costing bookies 20 million pounds a month. This is all money that small bookies simply can not loose. So, they’d rather use the information they have from IESnare and block you before you’ve placed a bet than risk you fleecing them and never coming back (or if you do only coming back for another bonus)


So, what is this IESnare you might be asking? Well it’s spyware used by the bookies. This particular piece of spyware can do any of the following;


Monitor the web pages you visit in real time.

View your internet history

View your devices installation data

Harvest information from your data registry.

Store your data on a databased to build a profile of your browsing habits and online activity.


Suddenly all that gubbing makes sense, right?


This advanced technology allows bookmakers to see if you have an exchange open in the other window? or whether you’ve opened an exchange in the past hour, day, month… It can track if you’ve been on matched betting websites such as Profit Accumulator or done absolutely anything else that would lead them to believe that you are not just a regular punter.


How You Can Block IESnare

The more internet proficient of you reading this article may be able to manually block IEsnare by editing the hosts on your device. Some examples of ways in which you could do this include;


Using a VPN or using a dongle to change your IP address

Using browser extensions and CCleaner to remove / block local shared objects as well as other tracking cookies


However, the risks of doing so are high and you may find that you’re unable to access certain bookmakers, have a lag or have your account closed as your deemed to be using a VPN.


What Is Jolly Lock?

Jolly Lock is an innovative piece of software that goes someway to helping you cover your online identity in such a way that the bookies can not monitor you.


For those of you who are super confused by all these technical terms. All you need to know is that Jolly Lock is a specialist but super simple piece of software that replaces your internet ‘identity’ with another.


Now you maybe thinking, well how do I know that my IP isn’t just being replaced by someone else who’s already been banned. Well, Jolly Lock pre-approves every single IP they give you.


To go one further every IP is based in the UK. Not only does this remove any suspicion from your IP address it also means if you’re not in the UK you’ll be able to take part in matched betting.


However, that’s not all. Jolly Lock is compatible with flash. Which means you’ll be able to take part in casino and other game offers that require flash without compromising your profiles security.



How Does Jolly Lock Work?

Once you’re signed up for Jolly Lock you’ll be able to download their software onto your computer. You’ll also be given an instruction sheet (although the staff are on hand to help you should you require) this talks you through everything you need to know, and how you continue using Jolly Lock on your computer.


It’s as simple as logging into the JollyLock software before starting your matched betting day. You’ll be using my personal favourite browser inside the network, Google Chrome to place all your bets. Zero lag, zero problems.



How Much Does Jolly Lock Cost?

Jolly Lock is purchased as a monthly subscription. It costs £25 a month (£15 for your first month) however there is a bulk buy discount of 3 IP’s for £69 or 5 for £105 a month.


So get together with your mates and save yourself some cash.


Originally when I heard the pricing I was a little put off… It costs more than Profit Accumulator for half the work. That said, if it saves you from just one gubbed account per month then it’s surely worth five times it’s cost. Especially for those who are in Matched Betting for the long haul…



Being a bit of a tech geek I decided to take Jolly Lock for a whirl. I set up my desktop and over a two-week period places multiple different matched bets over multiple different accounts. I even went as far as opening up an account on three bookmakers with my mum, brother, dad and girlfriend. To see if this could help prevent multi-accounting.


To-date, we have all had zero problems!


As this Jolly Lock review might have already demonstrated. Jolly Lock isn’t going to be for everyone. If you’re looking at matched betting short term, then I’d probably take the hit and have a couple of accounts closed… However, if you’re looking at opening multiple accounts or looking for healthy accounts then using Jolly Lock alongside your traditional mug betting and other gubbing prevention techniques is going to go along way to keeping you matched betting for years to come.


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