Betdaq Review | The Betting Exchange You Might Not Know About

I’m back with another betting exchange review. Today we’re covering Betdaq. The betting exchanged was launched in Dublin, Ireland in 2000. But is it a match for the other exchanges?

I’m on a mission to share as much information on the subject of matched betting as I possibly can. I want everyone to have an equal opportunity to earn £20,000 in tax free cash this year…

While I’ve recently completed a detailed and in depth matched betting FAQ post. One question I struggle to answer is “Which betting exchange should I use?”

That’s because unfortunatly the answer is highly dependent on a vast array of variables. The only way I can combat such a question is by reviewing each of the five betting exchanges currently on the market.

  • 87%
    Wagering Options - 87%
  • 82%
    Market Liquidity - 82%
  • 60%
    Commission - 60%


Whether you're looking to use Betdaq as your betting exchange long-term or otherwise it's still a great idea to sign up. They offer 0% commission for your first month as well as a casino bonus £10 to £30 with a 30x rollover. The wagering options and market liquidity are more than apt for mainstream events, and the commission varies from 5% to as little as 2%. (I only wish it could go lower, being the standard commission rate for many of the other exchanges)

For me the prospect of a truly great betting exchange comes down to three things, and it’s those three things that I’ll be covering in every betting exchange review.

Wagering Options

The Betdaq exchange covers the vast majority of mainstream events. The selection of obscure markets isn’t quite as complex as you’d find on Betfair. In fact at the time of writing it only included one market which was Eurovision. 

betdaq review
However, that’s not too much of an issue. What is rather impressive is that Betdaq doe include a market for some of my personal popular bets including ‘first goal scorer’ which can only otherwise be found on the Betfair exchange.

Market Liquidity

The second big thing I really care about in a betting exchange is the market liquidity. That’s the amount of money in the market, to ensure that you’re bet doesn’t become partially matched.

I’ve been in situations in the past where it’s been seconds until kick off or until a race starts. Leaving my bet partially matched because I’ve failed to check how much money is in the market. 

Again you’ll find that for most mainstream events, Betdaq has enough liquidity in the market to have you covered. Although that will start dwindling when you’re looking at more obscure results and higher odds.

Here’s a great example of the Betdaq exchange on horse racing – 10 minutes prior to the off. (betdaq review)

There’s enough money in the market to lay a £25 bet for the top 5 horses in this race. Which to me, is pretty much all you’re ever going to need.

You can always check the amount of money in the market using the numbers provided.  Remember, you don’t need to mug bet the exchanges, they wont gub you. 


Betdaq’s normal commission rate starts at 5%. However, this can be cut to as little as 2% depending on the volume of bets you have matched. Click here to learn more.

Even if you’re not convinced after this Betdaq review that it’s the best long term betting exchange for you it’s still worth signing up. That’s because the exchange offers 0% commission for your first month as well as a spend £10 get £30 in their Casino (30 rollover) for all new customers. Click on the image below to sign up and receive the offer.


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