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Market Force Mystery Shopping Review – Is It Legit?

If you’re looking at mystery shopping reviews, then you’ve probably heard of Market Force. It comes up on most lists, however, you’re probably wondering if it’s legit?

In this post, I’ll be covering my Market Force mystery shopping review based on my experience using Market Force for more than four years.

What Is Market Force Mystery Shopping

Market Force is one of the major companies that offer mystery shopping assignments. Established in 2004, the assignments on offer are available all over the EU for mystery shoppers.

The basis of mystery shopping is that you’ll apply for the assignment using the Market Force website, and visit the store in question during the date/time specified.

From there you’ll purchase often selected items, make a selected number of enquiries and report back on your experience within the store.

In return for your efforts you’ll be paid, and often receive the products for free.

There’s both a Market Force mystery shopping website and an app. I recommend signing up using the websitepersonally, I find it easier.

Then using a combination of the mobile application and the website to find assignments local to you, and complete assignment details post your mystery shop.

Is Market Force Mystery Shopping Legit?

The short answer – Yes!

I’m not always active on Market Force. I certainly have my peaks when I need the money and activity look for assignments but even still I’ve made over £300 in 3 years from the company.

Not to mention all the free stuff I’ve had; food, restaurant dinners, and other stuff.

Here’s a quick screenshot to show how much I made in February 2019 from just a couple of jobs. The price of the jobs on Market Force will vary depending on the location, company etc.

How To Become A Market Force Mystery Shopper

So, now you know that Market Force is legit, you’re probably looking to sign up and make some cash right?

Honestly, signing up to Market Force and completing the assignments is in my opinion so easy compared to some of the other mystery shopping companies.

Simply head to this link and sign up for an account.

Wait to be approved – This is done manually so is likely to be Monday – Friday between working hours.

View the assignments available to you here. You can set it depending on your location, proximity, distance willing to travel etc.

From there you can see assignments you’d like to learn more about (each one of the red pointers is an assignment)

Side note: You can search in other ways, based on date to be completed etc. I just personally prefer this method.

Once you’ve selected an assignment you’ll be able to see ‘at a glance’ information about it alongside links to learn more. It’ll look something like this.

Here we can see;

The location of the assignment – inc the full address

The distance from my postcode

Dates in which this assignment should be completed

How much I’ll be paid.

How much I’ll be reimbursed (up to, so in this case, it’s £5.00 so if I spend £6.00 I’ll still only get £5.00 back). The majority of the reimbursement amounts are in line with the products you’ll be requested to purchase.

In order to accept taking on the assignment from here, you’ll still need to read more about it. You can do this by clicking the assignment notes link.

This page will show you things to look for, what to buy and other essential details.

When it comes to mystery shopping the reporting and task completion is all attention to detail so ensure you read this thoroughly so you know what’s expected of you.

Once you’re happy with the assignment you can apply for the assignment. At this stage, you’ll be provided with a questionnaire to complete.

You’ll need to pass the questionnaire within three attempts in order to be accepted for the assignment.

Getting Paid

Once you’ve completed the assignment and your report about your experience with Market Force. You’ll be eligible for payment.

Unlike most mystery shopping websites, Market Force pays you on a bi-weekly basis.

You can see how much you’re due on your next payment anytime on the sidebar (right-hand side of the screen on desktop)

The amount will be paid directly into the bank with the details you have set up during your profile set up with Market Force. Although you can change this at any time inside the ‘My Profile’ area.

That’s it! That’s everything you need to know about Market Force, the LEGIT mystery shopping website.

As always if you’ve any questions about Market Force or mystery shopping in general feel free to leave me a comment below.

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