Where To Buy Lego To Resell For Profit

So you’re looking for where to buy Lego to resell for profit. Whether it be at a Lego show, toy fair or online the Lego market is HUGE!

I’ve broken this down into a directory based on new and second hand as it tends to be the most distinguishing feature as to where you’ll buy your Lego from. Although I’d suggest going through this entire list and making yourself familiar with the different purchase outlets. 

This is a UK based list. International outlets are going to vary.

Where To Buy New Lego To Resell For Profit

So you’re looking to buy new Lego to resell for profit. This is perhaps the simple and most straight forward Lego purchase that you can do either online or in a major superstore including but not limited to;

– Argos (especially 3 for 2 on Toys)
Toys R Us
– Sainsbury’s
– Asda

– Tesco
– Lego Store
– Debenhams
– Boots
John Lewis

There are others; Entertainer, Very, Littlewoods WH Smiths etc. However these tend not to have offers or discounts that will allow you to purchase the Lego at a low enough rate to be able to resell for profit.

Where To Buy Used Lego To Resell For Profit

So you’re looking to buy used Lego to resell for profit. This could be because you’re looking to sell retired sets, individual minifigures or bundles of bricks;

– eBay
– Gumtree
– Shpock
– Facebook Marketplace
– Dedicated Lego groups within Facebook
– Bricklink
– Brickowl

I’ve often found that buying bundles on eBay, Gumtree etc. has been the cheapest method however if you don’t have the funds to allow you to do so then consider looking at UK based sellers on Bricklink & Brickowl who currently have a sale on or are looking to close down their store.

Be sure to remember that if you are going ahead and buying used Lego then you’re going to want to learn how to thoroughly clean and disinfect it.


Where / When To Find Lego Deals

People often wonder where I found these deals. Surely I don’t have the time to check each of these stores both online and physically every single day – and they are right.

So, here’s what I do…

Set up alerts on HotUKDeals.

Record specific deal ‘weekends’ (you’ll find that if a store runs 20% off all Toys 5 weeks before Christmas in 2015, they’ll do the same in 2016 and so on…)

Sign up for newsletters with all the major suppliers to ensure I get emails IN ADVANCE for potential sales.

Discuss within the Lego community deals that are currently available. Don’t be afraid of sharing, others will do the same.

There we have it, my ‘secrets’ as to where to buy Lego to resell for profit have been shared. Although, I don’t really feel as though there as complex or ‘secret’ as perhaps people consider them to be. Just find the right location(s) for purchasing stock for you and go for it!

If you have any questions about buying Lego or any other in my Lego series, be sure to let me know in the comments and I’ll do my very best to help.



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