How To Store A Lego Collection

Whether you have Lego to resell, play with or your an enthusiastic AFOL raring to build. Your Lego won’t be much use to you in a large box making it impossible to find what you need.

After owning more than 500,000 Lego parts. I know first hand how important organisation is. Which is why I’ve put together a guide on how to store a Lego collection.

The way your storage works is going to be based on it’s size so I’ve broken it down into small, medium and large. Find the method that works for you but most importantly adapt it to your needs and ensure that it’s always scalable should your collection grow.

Storage For a Small Collection (~1,000 parts)

This is great for if you don’t need to have loads of Lego but still want it organised. You haven’t got enough of one unique part for it to use a box of its own.

Start by separating your Lego into unique parts such as bricks, plates, base plates, mini-figures, accessories, doors and windows and tiles. Dividing into these small sections will make finding the parts you need faster and easier.

When I first started selling Lego I stored my Lego collection in numbered take-away tubs in my wardrobe. The tubs we’re super cheap, and seemed to suit a vast array of parts. As the collection grew I started using grip seal bags to separate the different parts within one box to maximise the space in one box and minimise the need for multiple half full boxes.

As I started selling at Lego shows I moved to Really Useful Box dividers (as shown in the image) these are much more expensive and can’t always be stored as easily. Again you can use the grip seal bags to maximise the space within each slot of the box. 

If you are reselling the items, be sure to keep the used Lego separate from the new Lego. 

Storage For a Medium Collection (~50,000 parts)

This is for the more avid collector, builder or reseller. No doubt by now your collection of Lego is starting to take over a little and need a better organisation technique.

When we started to whittle down our parts inventory and focus mainly on mini-figures we worked with Really Useful Drawers, we got these from Costco though you can get them from Hobby Craft and Amazon.

We bought a set of 8 drawers and bought the tray liners separately for them from Really Useful Boxes, the tray liners sit in the draw and become a divider of 15 smaller compartments. (different to the ones previously mentioned)

This is great for organising larger collection of parts, where you can dedicate a draw to plates but then your 2 x 4 plates and 2 x 2 plates can be separate. 

Storage For a Large Collection (~250,000 parts)

When I say large collection, I mean this is a collection that has taken over a whole room or majority of a room within your house.

We used our spare room and created a shelving system, we used large sturdy racking, with a small plastic takeaway tubs.

Within each takeaway tub would be a separate part, this part would then be noted down in the inventory of Bricklink, Brickowl or Ebay as been in box number 123. These would then run along the shelving in number order and continue in that way.

We then used plastic shoeboxes from Costco or alternatively you can get 12l Really Useful Boxes

for anything larger or a larger quantity.

Anything we had more than 3 shoe boxes of would be transferred into 35 Litre Really Useful Boxes.

Storage For a Sets 

If you’re looking to invest in Lego long-term or have a large collection of Lego sets then your storage method is going to differ to those highlighted above. It’s mainly going to consist of shelving.

I recommend going for this highly durable black plastic shelving. Suitable for interior and exterior use it can hold multiple boxes of Lego modulars or UCS sets etc.

If you’re looking for that added protection for your sets, then consider purchasing some film and covering the box. This will protect it from small scuffs, dust etc. and can easily be removed without any damage.

As always these are just a couple of suggestions and ideas based on our own personal experience in having a large Lego collection. I’d love to know your suggestions, comments, thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. An don’t forget if you’ve found this post useful, share it with your friends or bookmark it for later.


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