How To Keep Your Home Business Secure

More and more of us are setting up home businesses, with the aim of quitting the 9 to 5, spending more time with our families and minimising overheads and expenses.

However, space in your home aside. One thing I personally struggled with was keeping my home business secure. At one point, the value of stock kept inside my house was worth more than my house. So I know first hand the importance of home business security. Which is why I’ve dedicated today’s post to learning how to keep your home business secure;

Shred Paper Waste

Before I became self-employed I was lucky to get one letter in the mail. However, as my business grew, and I became a company director I found myself getting three or four business related letters a day. Everything from letters from accountants, to the bank.

You can’t simply throw this paper in the bin. Criminals can easily access and use the information it caries. Which is why you should make a routine of locking away all personal or confidential information both online and in physical form. Any physical information no longer required should be shredded

Alarms are one thing, but what happens to that alarm when nobody is around? 

Your alarm could be going off but more often than not nobody seems to care… Which is why I’d choose a security cameras. Y-cam provides a range of internal and external cameras, including my personal favourite the Y-cam EVO

The Y-cam EVO films motions detected in your home using it’s super wide angle lens. You can receive alerts direct to your mobile phone when motion is detected. You’ll also be able to record and play back footage and sound of that very movement wherever you are in the world.

Set up is simple and straight forward (I managed to set up our EVO in a matter of minutes) and playback using the Y-cam EVO application is simple, straight forward and provides everything you could ever need.



Using A Registered Business Address

The internet makes it pretty easy to find out exactly where you live and the estimated value of stock you have. Which is why I’d always recommend looking into an alternative address (often referred to as a registered business address).

Using this information on your official stationery, website, invoices etc. Will really go a long way to increasing your privacy and keeping your home business secure. If you’re unsure of where to start then speak to your speak to your solicitor or accountant and see if you can use their office address as your registered address – many include this within a service offering. If that fails then look at opening an PO Box.

We’ve spoken about the physical storage issues, but what about the digital?

The first step you can take to protect your digital files is invest in some antivirus software. Being sure to keep the software and other programmes and applications up to date. 

Also be sure to keep your family devices and work devices separate to minimise the exposure to any threats.
There are just some of the ways you can keep your home and business secure. If you have a Y-Cam or a security system let me know in the comments how it has worked well for you? 

In the meantime if you think there’s any security issues I’ve not covered be sure to let me know!


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