How To Find A Local Car Boot Sale

It is no secret that we all love a bargain and what better place to find a bargain than a car boot. Car boots are easy to find if you know where to look. There are different avenues you can take to finding out where the car boots in your area are. 


You can search for local car boot sales on Facebook, simply typing in car boot sale will bring up pages for car boots and groups for areas. This will enable you to find the car boots in your local area, as well as groups that will post about the car boots, start times and locations. 

Friends And Family

Might sound a simple but don’t put it past your friends and family to know, some car boot sales have been running since my parents were my age and are more than often in the same place and run by the same family or organisation, so this is always useful to know. 

Local Paper

The local paper will have a section in which you can find car boot sales, table tots sales and a smaller one off events that are similar to car boots. Look in the advertisements section for information on location, times and entry fees.

This is also great if the local rugby, cricket or football team have a small stadium or ground that won’t be used all year around, they sometimes lend out space for one-off car boots, this is the kind of information you could find. 

Car Boot Junction

Car Boot Junction is a website in which you can find both indoor and outdoor car boots within your area using two unique ways to search. One in which you choose indoor or outdoor or both, then you choose your county and then the last choose your area. 

The second way to search is using google maps, select from the drop down indoor, outdoor or both, then type in your area or postcode. Click on the cluster to get a closer look and start searching for the car boot for you.

If you guys know of any way to find local carboot sales that we haven’t covered be sure to let us know down in the comments below. Meanwhile if you have enjoyed this post, then be sure to check out our guide to finding charity shops.


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