10 Household Items You Can Quickly & Easily Flip For Cash Today

There's more money lying around your house than you might think. So if you're struggling to pay a bill or simply want a clear out in return for some cash, here's a list of 10 items - some you'll expect, and some you no doubt wont that you can flip for cash.
10 things from your home to sell for cash. This includes everything from the simples stuff such as DVDs and Games right through to the weird and wonderful things such as toilet roll cardboard tubes.

I’m a fully fledged minimalist. I simply can’t cope with clutter in my life. Whilst I’m not saying that everyone has to live like a minimalist. We all have stuff that we could live without, that we don’t need or no longer use. It’s not shameful, more often than not an item has simply run its course.

It was only when I recently started reselling on eBay that I really began to understand the value of household items that myself and many others would usually throw away.

Think about that for a moment… Throwing items that people would buy is quite literally throwing money away.

I’ve created a list of the top 10 Household Items To Flip For Cash in the hope of inspiring to clear out and sell rather than clear out and throw away.


1. Books

Whether it be fiction, self-help, textbooks. Every book has a price, regardless of the genre or age it’s worth something to someone.

If you’ve got a bundle of books from a particular author, series or course then look at selling them together in a bundle. If you’ve got course books the put flyers up on notice boards around your school or college (with permission) speak to tutors who might be able to find someone of interest willing to buy them from you.

Books is just one household items to flip for cash on eBay
Finally, for all the books you find aren’t worth more than £1 or £2 on eBay. Scan them into a rag service such as Music Magpie or We Buy Books, they sort out the postage for you and will send the money via direct debit as soon as the books have arrived.


2. DVDs

We’re moving to a digital media age, with streaming services slowly taking over it’s no wonder you’ve found yourself with DVD’s you don’t watch or need.

Despite all of this DVD’s are still a popular product on the second-hand market. Much like the books you want to look at bundling together particular series such as Disney DVD’s or Children’s DVD’s.

If you don’t want to trade these into sites like Music Magpie or We Buy Books like your books then you could take them into your local CEX who will exchange your unwanted DVD’s for cash on the spot.


3. CDs

There’s no denying it – The CD market is long gone. Streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Music are here to stay.

So, if you’re looking to part with them unwanted CDs that you’ve not played for some time now, then now is the time to do so. Much like the Books and DVDs you’re going to want to look at either selling them individually on sites like eBay – this is particularly worth doing if you’ve special editions or promos (these can go for anything from £1 – £1,000 depending on the band and how rare the promo is)

If that’s a bust then you’re going to want to look at sites like Music Magpie or We Buy Books. Much like the DVDs if you’re looking for cash on the spot nip down to your local CEX.


4. Clothes

Without a doubt, second-hand clothing was the item that surprised me most within the reselling market. I simply couldn’t understand it because I’d never bought second-hand clothes myself.

Clothes are so cheap now, I couldn’t understand why anyone would buy them second hand.

Second hand clothing is a great set of household items to flip for cash on eBay

Before long I wasn’t just buying and selling second-hand clothes, I was wearing them too!

Helen and I both cleared out our wardrobes, not just of those designer items but of items from stores such as Primark, H&M, River Island etc. Don’t be put off by the brand. Whilst you are likely to get more for a Ralph Lauren shirt than you are a River Island one you’ll be able to sell both for cash regardless.

When clearing out clothes I usually stick to a six-month rule. If I’ve not worn it in six months it’s time to go!


5. Electronics & Appliances

Big or small, working or faulty the market for electronics and appliances is huge!

When we sold our house we decided to sell our toaster and kettle. They wouldn’t fit in with the decor of our new house and we simply weren’t using them. These were items that I never thought we’d be able to sell, but we took them to a local car boot sale and we sold them – and we’re £20 richer for it too!

If your items are faulty then remember to share that with the buyer, that will only put a percentage of people off from buying your item. Instead, others will be interested in either repairing the item or using your item for spares to repair one they’ve got that’s broken.

You may think the item is too old or too worn, but that’s nothing to worry about. I recently sold one of my mum’s old mobile phones. It was an old flip phone with a black and white screen, it worked perfectly and it sold for £20 on eBay within the hour.


6. Furniture

Whether you’re redecorating or just don’t need it anymore. We all come to a point in life where we have furniture we no longer need. Whether it’s hardly been used or you’ve had it in the family for years someone will want it.

Furniture is a hard thing to sell second hand, primarily due to the size. That’s when second-hand market places such as eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Market Place or Shpock make all the difference. Furniture is going to require someone to come and collect (arranging a courier is often too expensive for the vast majority of second-hand furniture) so be sure to think about how they are going to come and collect. I.e. If you live in a flat you’re probably going to want to inform them that it is going to require some work to come and collect etc.


7. Cardboard Tubes

Remember Art Attack?

All good craft projects start with cardboard tubes. Which means… People pay for them. It’s absolutely crazy and something I only found out about very recently but your old cardboard tubes are worth some serious money – especially considering you’re buying them anyway.

Let’s take for example this eBay listing of 50 cardboard tubes…Cardboard toilet roll tubes can be sold for cash!


Postage aside this person is getting around £4.20 (post fees) for 50 toilet roll tubes. That’s £0.084 a tube, considering each toilet roll costs around £0.16 this is literally cutting the cost of your toilet roll purchase in half!


8. Video Games

The of video games market moves faster than the fashion market and the price drop can be huge on second-hand games. If that wasn’t enough this ever falling market of video games is subject to heavily varying prices. Second-hand stores want to buy cheap to prevent them from loosing money when selling these games on, so it’s important to shop around.

If you’ve got old video games and consoles from the 90’s and / or earlier then they can be worth a fortune. To maximise your return here you’re best off selling them on eBay. Do your research and price the item high. If you have a large bundle of items then consider separating them into smaller lots / individual items. Unlike books and DVD bundles you’re often able to ask more for individual items.

If you’ve got modern day video games then you’re going to want to compare the prices of eBay (post fees) against that of Music Magpie, CEX and the other online and bricks and mortar stores. The difference will be a couple of pounds per game – which can quickly add up.

Also, bare in mind trade in value in some of the high street stores, if you’re looking to sell some games to pay for a new one then you might be able to generate more cash from your trade-in’s.


9. Gift Cards

Had a gift card for months, even years that you know you’re never going to use? Then it’s time to trade it in for cash (or another gift card from an outlet you’re actually going to buy from)


10. Sporting Goods

Remember those skis you bought for that skiing holiday in 2014?

What about the bike you bought in the sale when you swore you’d spend more time outdoors in 2012?

Yeah… We’ve all been there.

Sporting goods are often the most forgotten about items, that’s because they end up in the garage or the shed. You don’t see them every day and therefore they don’t cross your mind as an unused bucket of cash!

Skiis are a fantastic unwanted household items to flip for cash on ebay

Much like furniture many Sporting Goods are tough to sell on selling platforms due to size (unless you really want to pack a snowboard and hope it doesn’t get damaged in the post) so think about local selling sites such as Shpock, Facebook Marketplace or even eBay – changing the settings to collection only.

Let me know what you think of this 10 Household Items To Flip For Cash on eBay post, in the comments below. Also, drop me a tweet if you do decide to flip any items for cash – I’d love to share your success!


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