How I Made Over £20,000 By Matched Betting In 2016

I made £20,000 in tax free cash in 2016 legally and legitimately. This is the side-hustle of all side-hustles. It's called MATCHED BETTING and it's been featured in main stream media a number of times. Let me show you how I utilised the fantastic side-hustle of matched betting to make £20,000 in cash in 2016.

I’ve been working towards writing this post for the best part of fourteen months, and now, finally I can tell you that I’ve achieved my main goal of 2016. To earn £20,000 in tax free cash by matched betting. In this time I’ve learnt a lot, and created a dedicated Facebook group to provide assistance to those who are just starting out.


If you’ve been watching any of my daily videos you’ll know that in 2016 matched betting played a huge part of my life. It went a long way to helping me pay off more of my mortgage every single month and afford a once in a lifetime trip to Thailand with my girlfriend, Helen.

I’ve tried my best to talk about how I’ve earned this money through various videos;

How to make serious cash matched betting


How to make £2,000 a month matched betting & how to organise your accounts

However, writing it all down makes so much more sense to me, so here it goes…


What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a common term for utilising the free bet offers that bookmakers offer punters. By doing so you’re able to make some serious guaranteed cash.

It’s quickly turned into everyones favourite saving money hustle from The Money Shed, to right through to news outlets such as Save the Student, Money Saving Expert, and The Guardian.

I’ve tried numerous times to explain more about what matched betting is and how it works but honestly, this guy explains it so much better…


Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey vs Free Forums

Whilst matched betting is ‘free’ finding the offers from over 100 different bookmakers both online, mobile and in-store can be time consuming. Just like finding the right offer to minimise your loss and maximise your return.

When matched betting started over a decade ago there we’re no dedicated websites, instead just a few people on forums such as the one on Money Saving Expert. Since then websites have been popping up left right and centre designed to help you understand the process, find you the best offers and help you every step of the way.

In my book time is money. Which is why I opted to use Profit Accumulator. It’s not the cheapest at £17.99 a month or £150 for the year however the customer service is fantastic, the community is thriving and it comes complete with extra tools to allow you to continue to make money even once the introductory bets have been completed.

Putting that £150 a year subscription into perspective of the £20,000 I earned it’s less than 1% of my earnings, and unsurprisingly I’m pretty damn happy with that.


What Comes After The Introductory Offers?

Matched Betting is no doubt famous due to the bookies fantastic introductory offers designed to get you coming back for more. On just one of these offers you can earn £200+ and it’s the simplest and easiest way to build up your bank and earn a vast amount of money very quickly.

However once the introductory offers stop, I notice a lot of people asking how do I carry on?

Now, here’s the thing. I actually spent a month matched betting in August 2015 and in that time I completed most of the introductory offers. I then stopped during fourth quarter to focus on my Lego business and decided to pick it back up again in the new year. That means that the £20,000 I earned from matched betting in 2016 actually included very few introductory offers.

I made a lot more from reload offers, casino offers and accumulator promotions.

Reload offers are limited time offers that are only available to current members of the bookmaker. They can vary from online to mobile to in-store and include things such as hatrick heaven (get three times your wager back if the first goalscorer scores a hatrick – my personal favourite!) or second place refunds (get your money back as a free bet if your horse comes second)

Casino offers can vary drastically and Profit Accumulator is fabulous at determining which offers are worth while. Whilst members of the forum will explain there experience with the offer to help you determine wether or not it’s a risk you’d like to take.

Finally there’s accumulators. Accumulators are the hardest thing to learn, but thanks to the new software that has just been released they are a whole lot easier than they used to be and a way to earn upwards of £100 on a reload offer. I personally used to run five or six of these over three or four bookies each weekend and pretty much guarantee a £200 return.


What Happens After You’re Gubbed?

There’s no doubt that with high earnings, comes gubbings (a phrase used to describe the act of when a bookmaker bans you from getting any further free bets). It’s important to remember that you’re money is not at risk when this happens, you’ll simply not receive any future promotions or free bets.

Whilst it may seem like the end of the world at the time it’s not. Gambling is a billion pound industry which means that new bookmakers are being released all the time. The different things we can bet on and the different offers available are fast moving and so being banned from one, two, three or even five bookies is certainly not the end of the world. Instead focus your energy on keeping the bookies you have open and finding new ways to earn money through matched betting.

Things have come a long way with matched betting over the past decade and now people often share ways in which they have overcome a gubbing experience and even been reinstated by the bookmaker.


Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This? – And What Happens If They Do?

Ultimately, matched betting isn’t for everyone. Since completing my £20,000 in 2016 I have taken a backseat on matched betting and instead started to focus on just the larger offers. I’ve used the money I’ve earned to start some great new income streams and I’m spending my time developing those.

I’m just one person, and there are plenty of others who either don’t want to do it, don’t need to do it, or have done it and for whatever reason decided to slow things down or take a break entirely.

The amount of money being gained by the bookies through genuine gambling when compared to matched betting is huge. This means that whilst it’s become more of a focus for the bookmakers there always going to continue to fight with one and other to gain the upper hand (that being you to come and place bets on their site)

Sign Up For Profit Accumulator —

So, that’s my story. Have you had any experience matched betting? is it something you’re looking to do in the future? Let me know down in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have.



  1. Theresa Cooke February 14, 2017 at 9:40 am - Reply

    No this is new to me. Interesting but I don’t really ‘get it’.
    Do I have deposit my own money first to an account?

  2. Mark McKnight February 17, 2017 at 3:34 pm - Reply

    What are you spending your time on now? Have you found a new income stream worth tapping?

    • TMM February 17, 2017 at 4:08 pm - Reply

      This blog, daily youtube videos, I continue to do some matched betting, run a Lego business, eBay reselling, Amazon FBA RA… the list goes on 😉

  3. weenie March 10, 2017 at 3:10 pm - Reply

    Hi Cora
    I missed this post – congratulations on hitting your £20k goal! I didn’t get a chance to ask you at the FIRE Escape about MB but I see that you’re intending to scale down a little and concentrate on other ways to earn income. I continue to plug away at MB although I doubt I will reach the dizzy heights you have as I don’t do the casino offers. However, I do take advantage of accas and as you say, there is good money to be made from those, although they can be time consuming, even with the Acca Matcher. All the best with your other income streams!

    • TMM March 11, 2017 at 7:24 am - Reply

      Thanks Weenie. Yes, the plan was always to invest the money I made that year wisely to create other passive income streams. Accas and DD/HH is the way forward and of course Cheltenham which is just next week. I am highly tempted to power on just for that, it’s an easy circa £1,000+ 🙂

  4. Nigel March 11, 2017 at 9:59 pm - Reply

    Hi cara
    Just wondering ive made £2k out of the intro offers and trying to do the accumulator bets now but finding it slow, I noticed you said you did 5/6 on the go and other offers, how much money would you play with on a Saturday?
    Im looking at the Cheltenham festival next week as well bit I was thinking my target was gonna be £100 but you said £1k can I ask how? please any advice will help me deeply thanks

    • Nigel March 12, 2017 at 8:19 am - Reply

      Sorry cora this predictive text keeps suggesting something else! Also which sort of accumulator bets would you play lay all at the beginning or lay sequential, and would you only back the winning team or would go for the most obscure once like a 5 draws etc?

      • TMM March 12, 2017 at 8:44 am - Reply

        Depends on your betting profile… I tend to go for premier league / champions league and bet on the teams with the lowest odds… Again, that’;s just my betting profile 🙂

    • TMM March 12, 2017 at 8:43 am - Reply

      They’ll be A LOT of offers for Cheltenham… Think Saturday x2 over 5 days… That’s £200 a day… You want to be looking at extra places. If you don’t know what they are or how they work I suggest taking some time to learn in advance now rather than confusing yourself even more in a few days 🙂

  5. Nigel March 28, 2017 at 11:10 am - Reply

    Hi cora,
    Just to let you know the Cheltenham festival was a personal success, I was really surprised with so many offers. But working full-time was difficult to do but managed to knock over £500 with a £1000 float?????!!!!
    I’ve been speaking to few people about casino offers and spins offers, but I am a bit worried getting involved in that side even though I know thats the gravy of offers ? (mmmm gravy) what was your tactics for that cuz it not risk free is it, some of the offers I have seen involves “play with £10 and we’ll give you £5 to play on slots” etc! Would you sacrifice that £10 get £5 cuz it doesn’t make sense to me!

  6. Jonny May 9, 2017 at 4:58 pm - Reply


    Great site!

    I was wondering when you said that you made around £200 guaranteed from Matched betting accas, how did you achieve this? i thought the accas only paid like £8 -£14?

    would they be the best source of income after the signups?

  7. Jamo August 9, 2017 at 9:13 am - Reply

    Hi Cora,

    I came across your VLOGS about MB a few months ago and found them very helpful, i now watch your other youtube channels and i must say i think your fantastic ! Your so motivated and proactive in what you do its hard not to be inspired.
    Since i started following you i have started to clear out the house of unwanted items and sell them on ebay..however little the money i’m making, i realise its the time and effort you put in that rewards you in the end.
    I joined PA in February and done most of the signup offers in the first 2 months which made me around £800 profit !
    Like many others i have struggled to progress into the reload offers, and although i’ve had a go at Horse racing refunds/Casino Offers etc etc…i’m struggling to boost my balance. I do Acca’s most weeks and this is my best way of maikng profit, but i noticed you do the Double delight/hatrick Heaven….is this just with Betfred ??
    Also when placing these bets…do you still lay the first goalscorer off at the exchange ? if so, which exchange do you use, as i cant find the 1st goalscorer option at either Smarkets or Betfair ?
    i’d appreciate your response on this one…keep up the good work !


    • TMM August 9, 2017 at 9:50 am - Reply

      Hi Jamo,

      Wow! thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it, keeps me motivated to make more informative content.

      First goal scorer – Betfair it’s along the side to select it. If you struggle by all means drop me an email and I’ll send you a screenshot that may better explain things.

      Are you in the Facebook group for matched betting? There’s over 700 members and we chat about reloads and stuff so that should help with that for sure 😀

      Thanks in advance,

      Cora 😀

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