A Week In The Life of a Matched Bettor

Since sharing my secret to earning £20,000 in tax-free cash in 2016 thanks to Matched Betting a lot of people have asked me questions. Most of which I’ve covered in this frequently asked questions post, but not all.

Instead, some questions deserve an entire post dedicated to them. Just like this one… 

Welcome to A Week In The Life of a Matched Bettor

There’s no doubt that every matched bettor has a different kind of week. Not all of us have the time to spend 2 or 3 hours on an evening midweek. Just like some of us don’t have the time on weekend. You should only use this as an example of how / when to do what offers.

Monday – Thursday

11am – 12 midday: Because I work for myself I’m able to do all the midweek horse racing offers at anytime I want. I usually spend an hour before lunch looking for close matches and putting all the details into my spreadsheet.

This used to take me a lot longer than just an hour, but the more you practice the quicker you get. I also used to spend way too much time following the races. Wasting hours upon hours finding out who came second and trying to get closer matches. Now I use my time wisely, and if the match isn’t close when I check in the morning then I move on. It’s all about time vs money. 

5pm – 8pm: The end time will vary depending on the number of in-play offers on the football but I’ll usually spend this time spending any free bets I’ve earned from horse racing earlier in the day. I’ll also throw in a couple of mug bets on my most popular accounts for the evenings football. I’ll place any football offer bets, and complete any casino offers.


11am – 12 midday: Same as Monday – Thursday

5pm – 8pm: As well as everything I usually do on a Monday – Thursday I’ll also do a couple of things to prep for the weekend. These include; setting up accumulator bets and laying off the first leg and ensuring I’ve enough money in all my bookies and exchange for the following day.


7am – 8am: I’ll be too busy with the football this evening so I use this time to get done all the outstanding casino offers.

8am – 10am: I’ll check the horse offers. Back and lay the horses I’m interested in and input the details into my spreadsheet. I’ll also mug as many close horses as I can being sure not to double back on any promotional offers.

10am – 11am:
Complete any extra place offers for the day.

11am – 1pm: It’s football time. I’ll be looking at all the DD/HH offers as well as any other great offers available on the football. I’ll be sure to mug all the mainstream teams on my favourite bookies.

If I’ve got time here I’ll check in on the later in the day horse racing for any races / bookies I’ve not completed offers on earlier.

1pm – 2pm: Results from the midday football is coming in. I’ll adjust my acca’s accordingly and lay off any second legs. 

2pm – 4pm: Second round of football has just kicked off / about to kick off. I’ll again check for DD/HH offers alongside any other offers run by bookies for the afternoons football. If there’s a couple of extra mug bets I find while placing offers here I’ll put them on.

Depending on how much time I have and the acca’s I still have in the running I’ll sometimes set up new acca’s here on certain bookies to try and take advantage of the football remaining over the weekend.

4pm – 6pm: I’ll try and catch the end of the horse racing and spend any free bets I’ve achieved earlier in the day on the last couple of races. If any new casino offers have come out I’ll sometimes have them running in the background too.

6pm – 8pm: Third round of football. Again, accas. I wont have as many left in play here but the ones that are will be laid off. Again I’ll be placing bets related to offers for the teams that are playing.


9am – 10am: Check on the results of last nights football. Lay off any accumulators that are still running. Place any free bets I got from the football yesterday on football matches taking place today.

10am – 12 midday: Check the horse racing offers, there’s usually less than on a Saturday. Input any details into my spreadsheet and move onto looking at any extra place races. I’ll also place any mug bets on my mainstream accounts with race favourites. Being sure not to double back on any offers I want to cover.

12 midday – 1pm: Lunchtime football. Place any bets for offers I need to place such as first goalscorer, DD/HH etc. I’ll also be sure to throw in some football mug bets for todays favourite teams.

2.30pm – 3.30pm: Adjust any remaining acca’s accordingly. Set yourself up for the early evening football. 

3.30pm – 4.00pm: Place any free bets earned on the horse racing through out the day on the last couple of races of the day.

6pm – 7pm: Place any free bets from football on the evenings matches. Lay off any outstanding accumulator bets. Place any offer bets for any of the teams playing in the early evening. 

There we have it. A week in the life of a matched bettor. Of course you’re more than welcome to adjust this depending on your speed and how seriously you want to take this. If you only want to earn an extra £100 a week then you won’t need to do quite as much of this and could easily get by without the accumulators and most of the horse racing.

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As always I’d love to know what you guys think of this, be sure to let me know in the comments how you plan your matched betting week.


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