How To Rank Your Fiverr Gig

So, you’ve created a Fiverr profile. Created the perfect gig. Now you’re looking to start ranking for relevant search terms in the Fiverr results. As the platform has grown ‘making it’ as a seller on Fiverr has become more difficult as the competition has increased. 

However, just because it’s harder doesn’t make it impossible. Which is why today we’ll be covering exactly how to rank your Fiverr gig. 

Ranking Factors

Based on some research I’ve conducted over the past three years. Here’s what I believe are the most important factors when it comes to ranking your Fiverr gig. These are listed in order of importance.

#1 Reviews

Which of course sucks for someone who is just starting out. The ways in which this is calculated is two fold, firstly on the number of reviews, secondly on the ‘stars’. So if you’re looking to rank your Fiverr gig getting that initial boost could be essential.

On Fiverr you’ll tend to find most gigs that rank have a large number of reviews between 4.5 and 5.0 stars. 

However, if you’re looking to branch out into a new niche within Fiverr then there’s good news. You see it’s been proven that Fiverr not only looks at the number of reviews you get on a particular gig. Instead, Fiverr looks at your entire account and how you rank as a ‘Fiverr seller’ across the board.

#2 Keywords

As I mentioned in designing the perfect Fiverr gig. Keywords are essential when it comes to ranking for relevant searches. 

However, using the correct keywords on the gig is just the half of it. That’s because Fiverr allows you to add a description to your Fiverr profile. This will show up on each gig page that you have. So, if you’re niche is ‘SEO content’ then be sure to organically phrase associated keywords such as “SEO Content” and “Search Engine Optimised Content” in your profile. 

#3 Gig Views

As you can imagine, the more eyeballs coming to your gigs the better. Whether these potential customers go on to purchase your gig is at this stage irrelevant. That’s because these views demonstrate to Fiverr that the content you have put in your gig (keywords, photos etc.) is relevant enough to the search term to be viewed by the customer.

#4 Queue

Fiverr relies on those selling services to provide a ‘good job’ for the client because, remember Fiverr makes money from you selling your services. If the customer has a bad experience with a freelancer within Fiverr then they are likely to associate it with the entire platform and go elsewhere in future.

This is exactly why reviews are so important, however they aren’t the only influence that Fiverr can track to ensure you’re likely to perform for the customer. Another way is the length of your ‘queue’.

If you have a large backlog of work then Fiverr is more likely to push you down in the search results. That’s because you’re seen as being less likely to complete the work quickly for the client. So, if you want more work, be sure to keep on top of the work you already have…

In conclusion, by understanding the ‘Fiverr algorithm’ you should be better prepared to rank your Fiverr gig going forward. Once you do achieve a ranking status on any of your gigs this is likely to snowball. So, if you’re struggling to start with be sure to keep your spirits up and continue to over deliver to all the clients you have.


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