People Per Hour Review | Is This The Freelancing Website For You?

Today I’m conducting a People Per Hour review. People Per Hour was the very first ‘freelance portal’ I used both as a client and a freelancer. In a very short space of time I earned more than £2,000 for my services part-time whilst at University. As I set out on my journey of a self-employed entrepreneur I also started to hire freelancers to complete work. This work was either outside of my skill set or taking up too much of my time.

  • 70%
    Website Functionality - 70%
  • 50%
    Website Ease of Use - 50%
  • 90%
    Service Variety - 90%
  • 25%
    Customer Support - 25%
  • 40%
    Value For Money - 40%


People Per Hour is a clunky and difficult website to use when compared to it's competition. However, once you get past all of that the amount of variety clients are able to obtain and freelancers are able to offer is highly practical.

Unfortunatly, the same thing can't be said for the website's customer service team who seem none existent and powerless to help.

People Per Hour currently operates in 89 countries. With more than 1.5 million registered users and a total of 1.1 million jobs which have been posted. Earning freelancers a slice of more than $100 million. 

People Per Hour Review: For Clients

People Per Hour is a traditional ‘freelance portal’ connecting the likes of small businesses to an attire of potential freelances. It was the first website I ever used both as a freelancer and a client… it’s come a long way since then.

There are now two ways in which you can hire a freelancer;

Post Job

Post a job on the People Per Hour job board. Tailor your request and requirements and explain exactly what the job entails. Off the back of this potential freelancers will ‘bid’ for the job. Explaining how they can meet (and perhaps even exceed) your requirements. 

People Per Hour Review

Purchase An Hourly

The second way in which you can hire a potential freelancer is through the ‘hourly’ feature. Think of this like Fiverr. Freelancers pitch work they can complete and you’ll purchase the service directly from them. This is great for standard work as you’re not having to rely on freelancers contacting you. Instead the purchase can be much more instantaneous. 

To give you an idea of exactly how much work I’ve given to the freelancers of People Per Hour check out my dashboard. Here you’ll see I’ve posted 24 jobs, but only managed to hire 7 people to complete the work. This means just 1 in every 3.5 job posted being awarded. So it’s safe to say I’ve wasted A LOT of time posting jobs that no freelancer has been good enough to work with me on. 

I’ve also dished out more than £1,000 which means I can speak from experience when I say the freelancers on People Per Hour are some of the WORST I’ve worked with. My prime example has to be a web designer I hired for a project back in 2014. The work totalled to more than £2,400 however it was going to be paid in stages. 

This project was a huge deal, and I was strict with every aspect of the design right through to the timeline in which the work needed to be completed in. I’d paid a premium to get ‘the best of the best’ to do the work, and they simply failed to deliver. They missed the first deadline, so I decided to contact them by email, and after a couple of days I had no response. Weeks went by and I had nothing to show for my first installment, People Per Hour customer service was ‘useless’ with no contact number, no live chat assistance and slow to respond emails. In the end I ended up taking them to the small claims court to get my money back.

Believe it or not I’m a pretty easy going person to work for. I understand what it’s like on the other side of the fence and only wish I’d have received some communication. Even if it was bad news. This wasn’t just a solo freelancer, it was an accompaniment of freelancers who had come together to form a digital company. 

– and I know what you’re thinking… This is just one of thousands of freelancers on People Per Hour. To that I say your right. Unfortunatly, my assistance with accounting when I was first new to the world of Xero didn’t go too well either. In fact I ended up sacking the particular freelancer and hiring another. 

Unfortunatly, the other was just as bad and ended up distorting my accounts to the point in which I nearly overpaid on tax by 200% – Always check the work of your freelancer.

Luckily, in these instances the ‘fear’ of getting negative feedback on People Per Hour meant the customer service had very little to intervene with. However, if that’s the case then how is anyone honestly going to know these people simply can’t do the job you’re hiring them for?

People Per Hour Review: For Freelancers

People Per Hour is a little better when it comes to it’s service offerings for freelancers. You’re able to tailor your applications to a specific persons request – using this opportunity wisely you can easily improve your job prospects. 

Unfortunatly, I’d say the benefits for freelancers using People Per Hour end there. 

People Per Hour take a cut of 15% for the first $280 earned every month, and 3.5% after that.

So if you earn $500 one month then People Per Hour will take a $49.70 cut.

However, the fee’s don’t end there. Every month you recieve 15 ‘free credits’ they can be used to bid on jobs. Once you run out you’ll be required to purchase additional credits in order to bid on additional work.

This is a great way to increase your job prospects as many will stop bidding on jobs once they’ve used their 15 and move onto another site. So, if you’re willing to spend a little to make a lot especially in the beginning when you’re looking to establish yourself then this could work.

The upselling doesn’t end there… People Per Hour also have ‘featured profiles’. According to People Per Hour statistics this increases your job prospects by 300%. Unfortunatly, such a promotion is going to cost you circa £8 per day! (It’s based on a bidding system so actual amounts will vary)

In conclusion, I’d personally only use People Per Hour if you’re already one of it’s established freelancers. As for hiring a freelancer, I’d look to Fiverr for the generic hourly services or UpWork for more tailored job specific freelancers

It seems that People Per Hour only care about one thing and that’s money…


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