How To Create The Perfect Fiverr Gig

Today I’m going to be showing you how you can create the perfect Fiverr gig. Allowing you to increase your sales, earn more cash as a freelancer, and improve your freelance reputation. If you’re just starting out on Fiverr or any freelance website for that fact you can be discouraged by the vast number of people in your service offering who have an established feedback. However, I’m here to tell you not to worry. 

Crafting a professional and perfect Fiverr gig is going to give you the competitive advantage over even the most established freelancer. 

Before we get started, if you need a little motivation then be sure to check out this article from Forbes. It features 3 people who make six-figure salaries from offering their services on Fiverr.



Decide On A Service Offering Niche

There’s nothing I hate reading more than a profile from a freelancer who is trying to offer (and be) everything. A web designer, graphic designer, and SEO expert. It’s just not possible. Decide on the service you would most like to offer and aim to be the very best person on Fiverr who offers that very service.

It’s better to be amazing at one thing than just average at one-hundred others…

Review The Competition

So many of us burry our head in the sand when it comes to our competition. We’re afraid to see how good they might be, because we worry that we won’t be able to compete. Let me make one thing clear.

Competition is good! It provides us with drive, ambition and motivation. It’s also highly beneficial for the client. They are going to be getting the very best within a service offering.

That said, it’s time to look at your own competition within your service offering, and every top ranking competitor within it. 

How To Create The Perfect Fiverr Gig

I’ve used the logo design niche as an example. It’s one of the most competitive and sought after niches on the site which means it can be hard to break through. However, start by looking at the top 10 ranking ‘gigs’ individually (you’re welcome to look at more, and I’d certainly suggest doing so over time). 

Take a look at what this freelancer is doing right, and what they are doing wrong. Check there gig titles, latest reviews, descriptions, tags, and profile. You’re looking at things that this particular freelancer is doing well, and things they are not doing particularly well, such as;

Grammar mistakes – This is a huge indicator of low levels of professionalism of the seller.

Bad content styling – Random and chaotic styling, characters, bold letters etc…

Poor images – Especially as we’re particularly looking at logo design in this example, you’d expect the images to be AMAZING!

Delivery time – Our entire society is based on wanting everything right now. Fiverr is no different. 

You’re not going to succeed by offering the same as what everyone else is doing. There are already far too many established gigs which clients will choose over yours. What you need to do is over deliver. Look at what the best in your niche is offering and offer considerably more than them.

Create The Gig

Now you’ve done the research it’s time to start actually putting pen to paper so to speak, and creating your very own perfect Fiverr gig. I’ve broken this down based on each entry method of a typical Fiverr gig;


The title of your gig is one of two things that is going to have the most influence on your ‘perfect Fiverr gig’. 

Whilst Fiverr allows you up to 80 characters in a title. Your perfect Fiverr gig title should have less. That’s because Fiverr will cut you off on the search after around 40. This means you really need to make those characters count. 

The image above is a great example of some short titles. Unfortunatly they seriously lack proper English. 

You’ll notice that when starting out on Fiverr you wont be allowed any uppercase words. This comes when you achieve ‘Level 2’. At that point Fiverr will provide you with the opportunity to convert one word to uppercase. 

When you get yourself into this position my word of advice is to capitalise the adjective. It has much more impact than the keyword. A great example is in the gig above, this freelancer chose to capitalise ‘awesome’ and it’s worked out pretty well for them with over 2,000 feedback.


Fiverr is a lot more giving when it comes to your gig’s description. In fact, you have a total of 1,200 characters to play with. Alongside the unlimited ability of styling and customisation. You want to use all of this to your advantage, however, what I see a lot of is this;

This gig description is filled with bad English, long paragraphs and very limited style. You should avoid creating descriptions like this, and instead look to create something similar to this;



You have a choice of just 5 tags. So use them wisely. I’d advise doing a little research by typing your main keyword into the Fiverr search bar and seeing what other results appear. These are known as long-tail keywords and you’re much more likely to rank for one of these when compared to simply ‘logo design’ 

The search bar within Fiverr is a ‘google’ so these are what your potential clients are searching for within Fiverr. In this case I’d probably look to use the tags such as; Graphic Design Logo, Design a Logo, Business Logo Design…


Images, are the second most important component of creating the perfect Fiverr gig. They create the thumbnail of your gig. When choosing the image you’d like to use you have three choices;

Snapshot of the gig video – We’ll be covering video in more detail a little later. Think of this like Youtube. You’ll simply be able to take the best snapshot of the video and include it as an image. 

Create your own images – If you’re a graphic designer, then this one is probably going to be for you. A chance to showcase your best work.

Images from the Internet
– Whilst it is an option I’d always advise against it. No doubt others in your niche have taken images from the internet and therefore you’re simply just going to fade into the background.

Ultimately to decide what’s the best for you look back to your competition, see what they are doing. Do they have snapshots of their face from the video? or really amazing graphics? 

Always make sure to create images that comply with Fiverr’s gig image size which is 550×370, because otherwise, the image will be cut to fit the container and there is no full image preview on Fiverr.


Fiverr state that services that include a video increase conversions by 220%. So if you REALLY want to create the perfect Fiverr gig then it’s going to need a video. 

Much like the images, go back and look at the most highly ranked gig’s in your field. What are there videos like? What do they include?

Fiverr is snappy (remember when I said everyone wants everything now? Well clients want to know if you’re the right freelancer for them ASAP!) so you want to ensure you’re video is less than one minute long. 

One minute isn’t long, and doesn’t give you much time for ‘waffling’ so get to the point…


I’m XX.
I am providing XX gig.
This gig is… [insert the best points from your set of bullet points]
(you are obliged by Fiverr to include a sentence in which you explicitly say that this service is exclusively offered on Fiverr – otherwise, your video won’t get approved)
Click that ‘buy’ button and you’ll have this work completed and back in your inbox in 24 hours (include a call to action. Tell the potential client to do something is proven marketing psychology) 

Remember, you don’t have to be the person in the video. If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera or simply don’t have very good English then ask a friend or family member to do it for you. Just don’t hire someone from Fiverr to do it. This common mistake means you’ll find the same person promoting 20% of the gigs in the same service offering – that doesn’t look professional. 

Same thing goes for editing. If you have the skills, great. If you don’t this is something you can hire out on Fiverr. 

There we have it. My complete breakdown on how to create the perfect Fiverr gig. As always I’d love to know what you think of this post, or the impact it has should you implement these techniques on your very own Fiverr gigs. Be sure to let me know in the comments below…


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