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Zeek is a fantastic online and mobile application that helps you to both save money on gift cards and sell your unwanted gift cards for cash. Intrigued by the website Zeek agreed to give me a small amount of credit to put their service to the test. This in no way influenced my Zeek review, which is my own independent opinion. That said who couldn’t be impressed with this gift card ‘reselling’ idea?

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Zeek is a great app that helps you to both save money on vouchers and sell on your unwanted vouchers for cash.

This thirty second video explains very quickly who uses Zeek and why. Secretly I just love it because of the cat…

Buying Gift Cards For Less Than Face Value With Zeek

Zeek provides you with the opportunity to save anything from 4% right up to 40% on your gift cards. 

Zeek Review

All you need to worry about is what vouchers you’d like to buy. In fact, I aim to make this process even more straight forward with a code to get £5 off your first Zeek order.

Once you’ve decided on the brand it’s time to decide on your value and therefore the percentage in which your saving. You can see that for Starbucks savings range from 4% – 7%. One important thing to note as with any gift card is the expiry date. The details of this shown on the left hand side just below the brand logo.

Zeek Review
Electronic vouchers are delivered immediately, and physical vouchers are posted out to you. Physical gift cards are said to take 7 working days however most people report them arriving within 3. 


Selling Your Unwanted Gift Cards With Zeek

Selling your gift cards on Zeek couldn’t be made simpler. Simply search for the brand you would like to sell, enter a couple of details, select the amount and the discount you’d like to offer and just like that your gift card is up for sale with Zeek.

Zeek Review

Selling on Zeek is really simple – just open up the app and start listing your voucher for sale. You will need to provide a photograph of the voucher and some details such as the face value and expiry date. You then decide how much of a discount you want to offer – the bigger the discount, the faster your voucher will sell. Zeek charges a £3 processing fee for selling your voucher. 

Once sold you’ll need to post your voucher to Zeek by registered post (the cost of which will be refunded) and you’ll receive your payment within 14 days.

There we have it. My complete Zeek review. As always let me know in the comments what you think of the idea behind Zeek? Is it something you’d use? Do you know of any Zeek alternatives? Personally, I think I’d only ever use Zeek to buy gift cards. I just can’t stand to loose money on anything, so I’d probably just re-gift unwanted gift cards or use them to purchase gifts for other people.

As always, if you do try Zeek out let me know what you think in the comments…


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