Review Products Better With WP Review Pro

It’s all a little ironic that I’m using a plugin to review, the very plugin I’m reviewing. That said, I felt as though WP Review Pro deserved a serious mention within the topic of blogging.

  • 89%
    Free Plugin - 89%
  • 88%
    Pro Features - 88%
  • 70%
    Pro Customisation - 70%
  • 67%
    Support - 67%
  • 82%
    Pro Value For Money - 82%


Both the free and pro (paid) plugin are great value for money offering a wealth of opportunities to provide an insight into a product or service you're reviewing. That said, I still think there is room for improvement. Especially in the terms of customisation and support.

However, before we get started I always like to cover the free alternative. In this case WP Review has a free version. So you can find out if the plugin is going to be right for you and your website. I tried four or five similar free plugins before finding ‘the one’.

WP Review: Free

WP review is simple in the terms of it’s aesthetically customisation options. However it includes a vast array of features that are required to create an effective review;

– Multiple rating systems including; star, percentage and points.
– Google rich snippet support to show a preview of your review in the Google search results.
– Supports short code to allow you to choose where to include the review within your page / post.

WP Review Pro: Paid

After just an hour using the free WP Review plugin I decided to upgrade to the pro version. By upgrading you’ll receive all the features from the free version as well as the following;

– Circle rating system. In addition to star, percentage and points.
– The ability to change the review width and alignment
– Enable user reviews on comments
– Animated review loading
– Premium support

While every WP Review plugin I trialled was similarly easy to use. What really works for the WP Review plugin is the aesthetically pleasing design. As well as the additional features that can really help make your review stand out from the competition.

As always, I’d suggest trialling the free version before opting to upgrade for the paid pro version (should it be necessary). That way you can be confident that this particular plugin is the right one for you and your website.


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