GoPro 4 Silver Review

The GoPro 4 Silver, was my first GoPro camera. An while it’s no longer the latest model of GoPro action cameras it’s still a great camera for those looking for the ‘perfect action shot’. Which is exactly why I decided to still review it on the blog today.

Go Pro 4 silver

I’m not going to bore you with the specifics of this camera. There’s better websites, that go into much more detail than I ever could on that topic. Instead, I want to talk about the basic features and what the camera is like to use for someone who’s really only used to shooting on a mobile phone or maybe the occasional point and shoot camera.

The camera can be a little fiddly to use at first. However, with practice it becomes simple and straight forward. The non-official accessories such as mounts are usually very good and very affordable, the same goes for additional batteries, meaning you should never have an excuse not to capture any moment.

The camera takes a micro SD card and can both record in a full HD resolution (1080p) up to a rate of 30fps. Finally, I think it goes without saying and is the reason most of us buy this particular brand of camera. The camera is fully waterproof up to 40metres, shockproof and is absolutely amazing for capturing moments from all sorts of different activities.

So, if you’re looking to advance into action and underwater shots with your blog / vlog. There really is no better brand and with the release of the new GoPro 5 the price of the GoPro 4 Silver has dropped significantly making this a much more affordable camera for newcomers to the ‘action camera’ market.

Price Disclaimer

If you’re still unsure then check out how the GoPro 4 Silver stacks up to the other GoPro cameras on the market right now using this table below;


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