GoDaddy Review | The Best Web Hosting Money Can Buy?

GoDaddy is without a doubt one of the most popular internet domain registrar and web hosting companies on the market. Hosting more than 13 million customers worldwide. Back when I started this blog in late-2014 I chose to host with GoDaddy.

Three years on and I still use this very company for 90% of my blog’s products including domain names and email accounts. I’ve only changed hosting companies to site ground because I’m now much more familiar with the complexity – I’ll be covering this in a future article

  • 87%
    Functionality - 87%
  • 82%
    Ease of Use - 82%
  • 100%
    Support - 100%
  • 89%
    Security - 89%
  • 92%
    Value For Money - 92%


Without a doubt the most beneficial feature of GoDaddy is the amazing customer service. I've called the help desk based on numerous occasions and been blown away by how much they've been able to help and assist me. The back-end of any web development stuff can be confusing, and a web developer is often out of budget, so it's great to know that should anything become too confusing or go wrong you've someone to contact who will be able to either take over and fix the issue or talk you through every step of the way.


Managing any web hosting or back end domain management isn’t easy. However, GoDaddy has some great Youtube videos, tutorials and FAQ that make the functionality and navigation of the website that little bit easier to understand.

Most importantly, the flexibility of the services and the ability to monitor, change and adjust settings within the backend of your website is possible. Which is often essential to managing your website.

Again if this all sounds far too confusing, just know that the functionality of GoDaddy is on par with other similar services, with the support to really back it up.

Ease of Use

This pretty much follows on from the functionality. Now, I’m not going to say Go Daddy is easy to use. Especially if you have little or no prior website hosting or backend experience. It’s simply on par with other similar services – which are all unfortunatly complex.

However, they need to be complex to allow for all the functionality we need. Luckily, Go Daddy support really backs this up. Meaning that if you’re stuck with anything there’s always someone there to help. 


GoDaddy is an American based company. Which means when it comes to support they are second to none. They are not only the best web hosting service I’ve used when it comes to support. They are the very best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to when it comes to support.

So much so they are the first review on this site ever to feature 100/100 on a feature.

As I’ve touched on previously. Anything to do with the backend of your blog or website can be difficult, confusing and down right annoying. However, after coming off the phone with the GoDaddy team not only is my problem resolved. I end up with a smile on my face – Honestly, I don’t know how they do it!

This hasn’t just been a one off either. I’ve used GoDaddy for the best part of three years on numerous different projects including this blog. I have called the GoDaddy support around six times during that time, and every single time without fail I’ve had my problem resolved quickly and efficiently. 

To learn more about how to start a blog check out my ‘How To Start A Blog Using‘ tutorial.


Ensuring your website is safe and secure for your customers is highly important. No more so than if you’re going to be taking orders on your website or getting users to sign up with email addresses, usernames and passwords.

So, it’s good to know that GoDaddy offers the choice of five different SSL certificates. Each one designed around your needs. SSL Certificates use advanced encryption to prevent hackers from reading any data that passes to or from your site.

When visitors to your website feel safe, they are more likely to trust what you have to say, buy your product or sign up. Which is why GoDaddy comes with SSL certificates that include the McAfee secure trust mark (McAfee is a highly regarded computer security software company). This trust mark is shown on all of your web pages so visitors can be sure that your site has been scanned and cleared by one of the most trusted names in online security.  


GoDaddy is highly competitive on price. Better still, I’ve negotiated some even better deals for readers of The Mini Millionaire.

Get a domain name ending in .com or for just £0.99 with additional domains costing just £9.99 a yearThis is ideal if you want to buy both the .com and version of your domain name to protect your brand. 

Alternatively, if you’re just starting out. Go Daddy is offering web hosting for just £1.00 a month for the first 12 months with a FREE domain name. After tax this makes the set up of your new blog or website just £14!

In conclusion, if you have absolutely no idea where to start when it comes to blogging or setting up a website then I really feel that GoDaddy is the company for you. Overall, it’s the fantastic customer support that makes this service fantastic value for money and a cut above the rest. 

If you do have previous experience in web design and development and know what you’re doing when it comes to web hosting etc. Then there are companies that are slightly better value for money and more customisable for a growing website – I’ll be covering these options in an upcoming post.


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