DJI Mavic Drone Review | The Best Compact Drone On The Market Right Now

After a short few – albeit fantastic months with the DJI Phantom 3 drone I decided to upgrade to the newly released DJI Mavic.

Around a quarter of the size and weight of it’s phantom alternative. The Mavic seemed like the obvious choice as we moved into more long term travel. However, was the decision a good one? This is a complete DJI Mavic Drone review.

I’m not going to bore you with the specifics of this drone. There’s plenty of other websites for that. Instead I’m going to talk about the basic features. From one drone novice to another.

This drone is compact, it folds into something that can fit comfortably in your hand and it weighs around a quarter of the phantom 3. In fact it’s so small I’m able to carry it around in my 20l backpack while travelling the world.

It’s got a 4k camera on a stabilisation gimbal that allows for high quality photos and videos. It supports a micro SD card and allows for mobile phone playback.

The whole set-up and flight process is much smoother in comparison to setting up the phantom 3 (unfortunatly I have no other drone to compare it to) generally it’s much more sleek.

Unfortunatly, the battery is still not where, personally, I’d like to see it. You’re going to get around 30 minutes of flight time from one full charge. Considering I might be going somewhere specifically to fly my drone and capture some awesome shots I’m going to need to spend another £100 – £200 on one or even two replacement batteries.

In fact, that would be my one and only drawback of the drone. That, and it to become smaller. Which all thing considered although the DJI Spark has since been released, it still doesn’t pack the power that the Mavic does – which in my opinion still makes it the very best drone on the market.


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